Living Room Conversations happening at UWF

In a time when race and inclusion are at the forefront of the media, students at the University of West Florida will sit down and discuss these sensitive topics.


Chloe Cuyler, Staff Writer

On Thursday, March 4, the University of West Florida will be hosting a virtual event dedicated to race, ethnicity, and inclusion.

This virtual forum, appropriately titled, Living Room Conversations About Race, will host students of various backgrounds and from all walks of life. 

Organized by Dr. Athena du Pre and Dr. Erin Stone, the discussion aims to not only connect, but unite UWF students. It will act as a safe and nonjudgmental space of conversation for students. 

Living Room Conversations About Race was inspired by the living room conversations model. According to, this model was developed by dialogue experts in order to facilitate connection[s] between people despite their differences, and even identify areas of common ground and shared understanding. The model includes over 100 expert-developed conversation guides on an array of topics that can often be tense to talk about with friends, strangers, and even loved ones of differing backgrounds and political persuasions.

These discussions will be composed of a moderator – a faculty member or graduate student – and three to five participants. 

With the goal to form connections between students, identify areas of common ground, and enhance a shared understanding, this event is sponsored by the Work Group on Race, Ethnicity, and Inclusion in the UWF College of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities.