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Why I Ran: Looking back at Léonie Dupuis’ SGA campaign

go By Morgan Givens
Staff writer

I started my conversation with Léonie Dupuis with a simple question: “Why did you run for SGA president?”

SGA Election Update: Supreme court hearing rules in favor of Malone despite Megginson’s passionate testimony

source url By Morgan Givens
Staff writer

The turbulent SGA presidential election looks to have finally played its final suspenseful card. On Wednesday, April 11, the SGA supreme court ruled in favor of a runoff ballot of the option to vote for

SGA Election Update: Runoff postponed; hearing to be held to decide candidates’ fate

prednisone buy online buying By Morgan Givens
Staff writer

In yet another turn of events, the SGA elections at the University of West Florida will not end on the date initially planned. The runoff election that was scheduled for Tuesday, April 10, will be

SGA Election Update: Dupuis drops out; Megginson appeals to re-enter race

order free cialis usa By Morgan Givens
Staff writer

In an already roller coaster of an SGA presidential race, another seismic shift has changed the landscape of the election. On April 5, Leonie Dupuis — one of the two remaining candidates after the news

SGA presidential election comes down to a runoff, two candidates remain

before then buy generic prednisone without a prescription By Morgan Givens
Staff writer 

For those anxious to see who will be at the helm of SGA for the University of West Florida next school year, there is a little more waiting to do. After two days of students

Meet the Candidates: Megginson/Bohler 2018

accutane side effects lungs By Morgan Givens
Staff writer

While the spring semester is winding down, one of the most important times of the school year is in full swing: student government elections. The office of SGA president is up for grabs, and this

Meet the Candidates: Léonie/Rhea 2018

enter site By Morgan Givens
Staff writer

One of the most important times of the year at the University of West Florida has finally arrived. Student Government elections begin April 2, and students have the chance to vote for the new SGA

Meet the Candidates: Malone/Johnson 2018

click By Morgan Givens
Staff writer

The spring semester, just as the season itself, can usher in many changes. The University of West Florida is no exception to these changes, and one of them is the elections for the Student Government

Hundreds turn out for downtown Pensacola gun control march (PHOTOS)

taking steroids after using accutane By Drew Drohan
Staff writer

Hundreds of people gathered in downtown Pensacola on Saturday morning to protest gun violence in Florida and nationwide. The gathering was a part of the greater “March for Our Lives” protests seen across the country.

Sen. Rubio urges schools to end ties with Confucius Institutes

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Today, Sen. Marco Rubio urged five schools in Florida to end their agreements with the Chinese government-run Confucius Institute – University of West Florida is one of those schools.…