Leading Stories

by Lilly Paradise, Staff Writer

UWF’s Interfraternity Council began its formal recruitment process this past week to introduce young men into Fraternity and Sorority Life on campus.

The IFC is responsible for governing the fraternities and sororities with laws and policies that coincide with the university policies and principles. 

There are 7 executive positions the IFC offer and all meet weekly to make announcements and discuss any business that pertains to the whole group. 

Fraternity and Sorority Life coordinator Alyssa Gryb is involved with chapter support and council advising here on campus and ensures that every student has a successful greek life experience. 

“Fraternity and sorority life adds academic excellence, ethical leadership, community, personal development, and stewardship to the students here at UWF,” Gryb said. “This gives students access to alumni and faculty advisors which aids member development and chapter excellence.”

Joining a chapter allows students to be apart of activities on and off-campus. The IFC sponsored a Relay for Life event this past Saturday where they helped raise around $3,500.

A community like UWF is filled with ethical leaders seeking personal growth all while making memories that will stay with them long after college. Tommy Judd, President of Alpha Tau Omega, explains his most profound memory since his initiation. 

“Two years ago I was on the philanthropy chair and wanted to do something different,” Judd said. “My brothers supported me in this and we were able to get a proclamation signed by the Mayor, the County Commissions, and the University declaring September as Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month. This was the first time that the city or county had done this so it was something that we were proud to be apart of but also showed me personally that change was possible to break the mold.”

Acquiring the role as president of a fraternity is one way students can heighten leadership skills.

“I had to learn patience and humility because not everyone understands why we do what we do,” Judd said. “So many students make fun of fraternities and sororities and fight against us that I find myself acting as a teacher to show the positive and educate on it.”

According to a 2019 UWF student survey, about 93% of FSL students said they gained practical skills and knowledge that will be beneficial after graduation. Excellence in leadership and communication are just some of the skills students can take beyond the classroom. 

Keenan Oas, junior at UWF, expresses enthusiasm for his fraternity and how it shaped his college career thus far.

“My proudest moment was initiation when I finally became a brother,” Oas said. “It’s helped in ways that are hard to describe, but I recommend that everyone try rushing and giving it a shot.”

If you are interested in joining a chapter, Feb. 12th is the last day to attend an information session, located in the Commons in room 260. Fraternity and Sorority Life is just another way to add color to your college legacy, so get out there and see what chapter you want to be apart of. To join a chapter at UWF, students must register on the ICS website, have a 2.5 GPA and attend an FSL information session here on campus.