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by Aubrey Shelton, Staff Writer

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis came to UWF’s campus on Feb. 19 to hold a roundtable conference and announce a new housing loan program for active duty military and veterans.

Titled “Salute our Soldiers,” DeSantis’ latest initiative will allocate state funds to help soldiers who are buying their first house in Florida, with the long-term goal of attracting more residents to the state.

“Florida Housing will set aside funds to assist over 1,000 veterans and active duty military members by making the homebuying process easier and more affordable,” DeSantis said.  “More veterans calling Florida home is a great thing for all involved and we look forward to the positive impacts this program will have on the lives of our veterans and the communities in which they live.”

Those who qualify for this program can apply for up to $10,000 in loans, with loans of up to $7,500 being at no interest and not requiring payment until the house is sold or refinanced, so long as the money contributes to a downpayment on a home.

While this does not directly affect the college, Pensacola is home to nearly 5,000 veterans, according to the 2018 census, and is home to an active military base.

Additionally, UWF is home to many active duty military and ROTC students who may qualify for this new program.

“Salute our Soldiers” goes into effect on March 2, with additional debt forgiveness options coming in 2025.

Photo courtesy of UWF Office of Institutional Communications