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Provocative Thoughts: Multiple culprits to blame in watering down of higher education

Editor’s Note: This is part of a series of opinion pieces by Mike Zdunich, a senior communications major at UWF. Through his Provocative Thoughts column, Mike will present new and nuanced ways to think about important issues.

By Mike Zdunich

The quality of students that are attending colleges or major universities in today’s society would not have met the same standards of the same universities 20 or 40 years ago.

Provocative Thoughts: Expanded Selective Service would be fair, patriotic, practical

By Mike Zdunich

Editor’s Note: This is the first in series of opinion pieces by Mike Zdunich, a senior communications major at UWF. Through his Provocative Thoughts column, Mike will present new and nuanced ways to think about important issues. In this week’s installment, Mike addresses the concept of expanding Selective Service to include women.

The United States Selective Service program is an outdated form of conscription that penalizes men for non-registration for the remainder of their natural-born lives. At the same time, it suggests that females are either not fit for service to their country or not capable of providing the equal delivery of the services that would be required by their government.

Opinion: Bragging on your failure doesn’t change the fact that you failed

By Rachel Witbracht
Staff writer

Failure, although natural and expected, is glorified by college students. Maybe that’s used as a vessel to shift the narrative from failure to funny, but it doesn’t make it less of a failure.

Opinion: Tip or go home

By Anna Smith
Staff writer

As well as going to school full time, I am also a barista. Before working as a barista, I worked as a server for more than four years. Needless to say, I know what it means to work in the service industry and rely on tips to pay my bills.

Brotherhood exists: the state of my Greek Life

By Wendell Slater
Contributing writer

I am a brother of the multicultural service/social fraternity, Omega Delta Phi. In a recent scathing op-ed, staff writer Steve Likovetz expresses a fear of Greek organizations from the perspective of someone who has never been a part of a Greek organization.

Opinion: America’s two-party system has destroyed Democracy

By Chris Cody
Staff writer

America’s two-party political system has not only ruined any political discourse that people try to have in 2017 but has also ruined any bipartisanship that the government used to try to practice.

Opinion: Phone cameras are catching up

By Morgan Givens
Staff writer

Along with writing, I use a lot of my journalistic capabilities to show visual aspects of my stories with photography. Virtually all of the images I use for the newspaper have been from using my trusty Canon DSLR (digital single-lens reflex camera). But photographers like myself are dealing with a monstrous competition, and it’s something that is already here, already in our pockets: our cell phones and their cameras.

Opinion: I’m glad Trump is waging war against “fake news”

By Rachel Witbracht
Staff writer

As a founding member of the College Democrats chapter on my campus, you might be surprised by my support of the term “fake news,” but not for the reason you think.

Brotherhood no more: the state of today’s fraternities

By Steve Likovetz
Staff writer

Fraternities pride themselves on brotherhood, philanthropy and being an example of model students on campus — or at least they used to. Greek organizations have evolved into hazing rituals, underage drinking and wild parties.

Opinion: UWF administration holds the right to regulate free speech

By Alicia Adams
Staff Writer

If you are a student at the University of West Florida, chances are you have witnessed a peaceful protest or spirited speech while on your way to class or the library; however, many students do not realize the rules and regulations UWF administration has in place regarding “public expression,” or free speech.