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Upcoming Pensacola festivals

new drug better than viagra over the counter Emily Doyle

Staff Writer

Pensacola is a city with a rich, diverse history and an active community; a community fueled by the Gulf of Mexico that celebrates good food, unique art and music that lifts the spirits.

Over the next …

UWF painter draws inspiration from life and faculty


“The gaze is important,”said Jordan about the style of his work.

tamoxifen drug contraindications with viagra Tristan Lawson

Staff Writer

Kenny Jordan had never even picked up a paintbrush until 2011. But after the Pensacola native and now studio art major took his first painting …

CAB hits all the right notes

go to site CAB-Fall-15_Twitter-StreamAmanda Gerow

Staff Writer

There are few places students can go to experience trivia nights with awesome prizes, haunted houses, or even a lip sync battle, but the Campus Activity Board (CAB) at the University of West Florida puts those …

Millennials’ vote could go to Bernie Sanders


2016 Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt, protests for higher minimum wage at Liberty University in Virginia, click Photo courtesy of CNN

viagra drug interaction with other drugs Cassie Rhame

Staff Writer

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt, is being talked about in college classrooms …

SGA brings students’ needs to the forefront this school year Kaitlin Englund

Life and Entertainment editor

A new school year is underway and, the University of West Florida Student Government Association is moving forward armed with fresh ideas and goals, with a strong emphasis on student involvement.

SGA President Daniel

Safety preparedness emergency procedures - largerJosh Hart

Staff Writer

On Sept. 14, Ethan A. Schmidt, an assistant history professor at Delta State University, was shot and killed in his office.

Just hours earlier, Amy Prentiss, an outreach minister, was shot and killed in the home …

Lumbering dinosaur revamped into new multimedia platform Tom Moore

Contributing Writer

Everyone probably knows that sales of print newspapers are in decline, and have been for many years. I remember when I was a kid. We didn’t read newspapers. We read books, maybe the occasional magazine, but …

UWF cross-country


Caleb Carmichael, UWF cross country head coach, prepares an ice bath for his runners at the end of practice.
Photo by Jason Dustin

Jason Dustin

Staff Writer

Outwardly, the University of West Florida cross country teams are head-down and one …

European refugee crisis hits home

Tristan Lawson

Staff Writer

At this moment a refugee crisis is overwhelming much of Europe. We have seen the images and videos of desperate people running from border police, packed on trains bound for Europe, begging for help. Most recently, …

Free textbooks, anyone?


Photo courtesy of OpenStax

Cassie Rhame

Staff Writer

OpenStax College is a nonprofit organization launched in 2012 to offer free digitalized textbooks for students. So why is no one talking about it?

If there is one thing college kids love, …