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Professional and Graduate School Expo offers opportunities to UWF students

Jenny Hinley, among other recruiters, share their knowledge with curious students. Photo by Ashley Seifert

Jenny Hinley, among other recruiters, share their knowledge with curious students.
Photo by Ashley Seifert

Ashley Seifert
Staff Writer

Students milled about the University of West Florida Commons Auditorium on Wednesday, Oct. 29, as they sought advice and various opportunities afforded by the graduate and professional programs present.

Hosted by Career Services every fall semester since its start in 2011, the 2014 Professional and Graduate School Expo took place from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

There were 27 institutions in attendance. The tables allotted to them were decorated with their banners to distinguish them from other institutions. Recruiters encouraged students to join them at their tables in order to discuss future opportunities.

“I suppose you can say these recruiters are in sales,” Nathan Ford, associate director of Career Services, said. “They have to be very in tuned with their product and what students will get out of the education they offer.”

“We started the expo to give students options of what they want to do after graduation,” Lauren Loeffler, director of Career Services, said. “When the job market is really tight, a lot of our students look to attend graduate school.”

Ford said every year differs in terms of availability and the programs being offered. He said some institutions return because of previous experiences and the fact that the UWF students who joined their programs in the past did so well.

“Students need to show up with networking in mind,” Ford said. “It’s an information gathering point, sure enough, but if the opportunity arises for them to leave their business card or résumé with the recruiters, they shouldn’t hesitate to do so.”

Though all the services geared toward future careers are generally used by current students, alumni are more than welcome to join in on the preparations.

Senior Steven Bockman is one such student who chose to stop by regardless of the fact that he had little to no prior knowledge of what the expo had to offer.

“I actually heard about it last minute, so I thought I’d come by and check out some of the schools in attendance,” Bockman, an accounting major, said. “I’d really like to stay here since I already have a job, but if I do get an offer from another school and they give me a scholarship, I’ll probably take it.”

Not only is the expo meant to be utilized by students seeking advice, but institutions that recently started programs or recently expanded existing programs will benefit from it as well.

“The recruitment process is fantastic,” Jenny Hinely, assistant director of Graduate Recruitment and Marketing at UWF, said. “I’m always interested in helping students decide if graduate school is the right choice for them.”

Hinely added that from that point, she can then help them decide which program would be the best fit for them and their chosen career path.

“It’s never too early or too late to think about your future,” Ford said.

UWF, FSU partner on new 6-year law degree program

Judy Bense and Donald Weidner sign the partnership agreement. Photo by Bob Barrett of WUWF

Judy Bense and Donald Weidner sign the partnership agreement.
Photo by Bob Barrett of WUWF

Iqueena Hollis
Staff Writer

The University of West Florida and Florida State University have agreed to a partnership that will allow students to enroll in a program that will enable them to graduate in six years with both a bachelors and a juris doctor degree.

The agreement was announced and signed on Wednesday Oct. 8 in the Argonaut Athletic Club after it was decided on by the Dean of the College of Law, Donald Weidner, as well as the associate dean and a group of professors.

Beginning next semester, students in their junior year of college at UWF can apply for admission to the program. Prospective students at the top of their class must take the LSAT during or before their junior year, meet all traditional requirements and gain admission to the FSU College of Law.

Prospective students must notify the Pre-Law Advisory Committee that they intend to apply for the program a year before they expect to enter law school at FSU. Accepted students can begin enrollment as early as next fall.

With admission to the program, students will complete all requirements at UWF, and their final year of their undergraduate degree will serve as the first year of law school at FSU.

“One of the things that a university like ours does is act as a springboard,” said Judy Bense, president of UWF. “The way we do it is not by building a medical school, not by building a law school. What we do is partner with those who have already done that.”

FSU College of Law has similar partnerships with its host institution as well as the University of Central Florida and Eckerd College. UWF also has a ‘3 + 3’ program in place with Stetson Law School.

“This partnership will allow students to complete both their undergrad and law degree in less time than the traditional way of completing the degrees separately,” said Hannah Wiseman, assistant professor of environmental law at FSU College of Law. “This way students save time and money.”

Wiseman believes an opportunity like this could not only save students time and money but will encourage more students to attend FSU and get to know more about Florida law.

“A program like this is a great way for students to complete both degrees without racking up a ton of student loans,” said Evania Joseph, a sophomore at UWF majoring in business management. “This was a great idea.”