UWF students sacrifice their Spring Break to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity

go By Mackenzie Kees

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go to site Many organizations exist to help the underprivileged, one of the more well-known being Habitat for Humanity. Rather than just donate money to marginalized communities, Habitat for Humanity does something more tangible: It builds homes for …


He creates, he laughs, he scams: Be like Bill no more

source url By Kaitlin Lott

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http://tiastanleyteam.com/?search=l-arginine-and-viagra-drug-interactions Facebook is no stranger to social media fads that come in like a hurricane one day, flooding your timeline, only to leave like a gust of wind the next.

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Free speech, protest movements and your ‘Friends’ list

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Staff Writer

Campus protests, marches and acts of civil disobedience like the ones happening now at universities and colleges across the country have not been seen since the 60s. A lot of things have changed since then, while …