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Making instructor evaluations mandatory was a poor decision

over the counter drug like clomid By Spenser Garber

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It’s that time of the semester again – time to fill out Student Assessments of Instructors (SAIs). It is the last thing on any student’s mind as exams and post-semester plans take up their attention.…

The cards we live by: What you might not know about your Nautilus card

By Tom Moore

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According to a recent poll by McGraw Hill, the average American carries eight credit cards with them at all times. This does not include state ID cards, driver’s licenses, insurance cards and social security …

A tribute to history and tradition, Alpha Males make their mark on the yard

By Kaitlin Lott

Staff Writer


As a crowd formed outside the Commons, spotlights hit five men dressed in black and gold awaiting their moment to show UWF who they are and what they stand for.

On Monday, April 18, …

A tiny house can be a big step toward being debt-free

By Kelsi Gately

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watch  Tiny homes have become a social movement that has spread across the country recently. “Living small” has been featured on television shows and in blogs and stories on the internet. This new style of living …

A whirlwind of service in just three days’ time: How UWF students give back through ASB

Mackenzie Kees
Opinions Editor

While most UWF students spent their Spring Break relaxing at the beach, a group of service-oriented students did the opposite: They volunteered. Earlier this month, The Voyager covered a story about one group of students who …

GrooveBoston provides beats at CAB After Dark

By Sara Agans
Staff Writer

Friday’s CAB After Dark event was highlighted by GrooveBoston, an “electro-awesome” experience that creates large-scale events on college campuses.

“GrooveBoston really isn’t an artist or band – it’s an experience,” said Chris Dutton, brand director …

America, the ‘Land of the Free’?

By Tom Moore
Contributing Writer


“O’er the land of the free, and the home of the brave.”

For the last 85 years, these famous words from our National Anthem have exemplified the foundation that America has been built on since …

New coach has high expectations for 2016-2017 cheerleading team

By Sara Agans
Staff Writer

Tryouts for the 2016-2017 UWF cheerleading team, which were held on Saturday, April 9, involved a lot of hard work, dedication, and even tumbling and flying.

Kathleen Mills, head cheer coach, said she had high …

Graphic Design seniors showcase portfolios at ‘Resolution’ exhibit

By Claudia Carlson
Staff Writer

UWF Graphic Design graduating seniors got to showcase their work in an exit show, “Resolution,” April 11 through 14 at the UWF Innovation Institute in downtown Pensacola.

The exhibit showcased 14 students’ designs they have …

Project Clean Plate yields results, but might not inspire long-lasting action

By Kenny Detwyler
Contributing Writer

Just as students are starting to clean their plates, the Nautilus Market is going to start piling more on them this fall.

It might not seem surprising to hear that hungry college students are not …