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Malaysian Airlines flight 370 found on nature trail, UWF somewhat shocked

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Staff Writer

After being missing for over a year, Malaysian Airlines flight 370 was recovered on the outskirts of the University of West Florida Edward Ball Nature Trail.

The last known contact for the plane was Mar. 8, …

Bathroom stall DOOdles recognized as masterpieces

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Staff Writer

Aileen Dover and Seymour Butts, two students from The University of West Florida, started bathroom stall art when they were bored in the bathroom.

“It started as something to pass the time while we were …

Bubonic Plague infects Martin Hall, little hope for quarantined students

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An outbreak of the Bubonic Plague was reported by University of West Florida campus officials last week who said that it was the worst outbreak they’ve seen since 1346.

Center for Disease Control officials said …

Kim Jong-un appointed UWF Men’s Basketball Head Coach

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In wake of the retirement of former University of West Florida’s Men’s Basketball Coach Robert Stinnett, the Argonauts announced Kim Jong-un, Supreme Leader of North Korea, as his replacement on Monday.

Former NBA star turned …

UWF acceptance policy stirs controversy on campus

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Bernice Wu, mother of University of West Florida freshman Sommore Payne, marched down to the Board of Overseers meeting with other parents on Wednesday night to demand changes to a previously unknown stipulation in UWF’s admissions …

Students receive financial aid again, Bense in a pickle

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University of West Florida students were witnessed withdrawing thousands of dollars from ATMs last Friday after a glitch in the state’s computer system caused financial aid to be released for the second time this semester.

Students …

SGA legalizes marijuana in anticipation of final exams

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The Student Government Association wrote and passed legislation on Friday to allow the legal recreational use of marijuana on the University of West Florida campus.

The legislation allows students, faculty and staff of UWF to be …

New degree allows students to avoid responsibility

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Staff Writer

The University of West Florida has announced the launching of the nation’s first Virtual Fulfillment Management degree, fall 2015.

The trailblazing program will equip students with the skills and credentials necessary to pursue online self-actualization.

“The …