SGA introduces new resolutions, considers textbook partnership

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go University of West Florida’s Student Government Association passed two resolutions and revealed potential textbook changes during its scheduled gathering in the Commons Auditorium on Friday.

proscar miracle drug aspirin 18-19 Resolution III was passed unanimously after a second hearing. …


SGA holds Write Out Wednesday and voter registration event on campus By Drew Drohan

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vardenafil discounts The Write Out and Voter Registration event hosted by University of West Florida’s Student Government Association was held on Wednesday in the Commons. The event is part of the greater Civic Engagement Week hosted by …


SGA senate conducts first meeting of semester, introduces new appointees

enter By Drew Drohan

Staff Writer

University of West Florida’s Student Government Association senate held its first meeting Friday, September 6, in the Commons Auditorium.

The meeting marked a new semester for the senate and introduced newly appointed members Jordan Negron, …


Hello Argos!
We hope classes are going well for you as well approach finals and the end of the semester. We have a few events coming up that we would like to share and hope you will join us for.…

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Special to The Voyager

Hello Argos! We hope that you are staying motivated and on top of your studies. First exams are right around the corner and it is imperative to consistently stay ahead of the curve. We’ve …



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Special to the Voyager

Hello Argos!

Before we begin, UWF SGA would like to welcome Dr. Saunders to the University of West Florida as our new University President! We look forward to the amazing contributions that Dr. Saunders …


Coming Soon!

Together, The Voyager and SGA are working to keep the UWF community up-to-date on the policies, events and topics that matter most! Stay tuned for weekly updates from the Student Government Association.…