Food Review: Bonfire Pizza sure to satisfy

by Zora Davis, Staff Writer 

Bonfire Pizza is a new local pizzeria for Pensacola residents and visitors alike.  

Opened on Nov. 19, Bonfire Pizza allows you to customize pizza the way you like or choose from the options that


Toni Brewer: A life of basketball

by Chris Skewes, Staff Writer 

Growing up as a young woman in northern Alabama, Toni Brewer would rewind, start and watch game footage of her favorite player, Candace Parker, on VHS before every game and practice. Noting Parker’s playing …


Irresponsible: Hart grows up

by Hannah Guice, Staff Writer

Kevin Hart’s performance Sunday evening was anything but short of the relatable humor many of us love. With an iconic laugh and a contagious smile, Hart made not just me, but an overflowing crowd


Recover, relocate, restart: Drag queen finds new home after Hurricane Michael

by Sean Minton, Staff Writer

During the beginning of October 2018, one of the most intense storms, Hurricane Michael, made its way through Panama City. Hundreds lost homes and were displaced. One Panama City local, Keenan Jordan, struggled to


Hidden Secrets: OWA Amusement Park, Lambert’s Café

by Cailee Heinemann, Staff Writer

College is supposed to be about having fun and making new memories.  But as a college student, how are you supposed to do that when you are making minimum wage and trying to stay …


Bruce Beach becomes home to three of 40 trees to be planted in Pensacola

by Danielle Brown, Staff Writer 

Volunteers, a councilwoman and staff members with Keep Pensacola Beautiful gathered early Sunday morning to break ground on the organization’s “40 Trees for 40 Years” project.

Several Pensacola parks will receive new trees planted …


UWF Historic Trust seeking student workers

by Taylor Picconi, Staff Writer 

The UWF Historic Trust is experiencing a shortage of student workers and is actively searching for new employees.

Any UWF student who can work 18 to 20 hours per week and is available any …


UWF Student Involvement to host annual ‘Blizzard Bash’

by Mya Clark, Staff Writer 

The ninth annual Blizzard Bash will take place at the Cannon Green on Wednesday from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m., showcasing a variety of UWF student organizations.

Blizzard Bash has become an annual event …


For the love of Odd: Introducing ‘Fandemonium’

by Wendell A. Slater, Staff Writer

Tell me if you’ve heard this hero’s journey before… A kid from New York City joins the Army and learns to use their unique gifts to help bring a positive change into the …


SGA gathers for first 2019 Senate meeting, vetoes amendment to statutes

by Delaney Anderson, Staff Writer

The UWF Student Government Association voted against an amendment to Part C of the Fourth Chapter of SGA’s statutes at Friday’s meeting.

Proposed by Senator Hunter Lyons from the Hal Marcus College of Science, …