Leading Stories

by Lilly Paradise, Staff Writer

UWF Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) hosted an event called Love Every Body on February 26 in the University Commons in honor of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Students embraced body positivity and communicated ways we can all feel comfortable in our skin.

Student Health Services, UWF Wellness Peer Educators, the Office of Equity and Diversity and the Active Minds student organization were just some of the groups of people that participated in this event. People got to create personally designed buttons displaying notes of inspiration, color on rocks and receive free massages.

Dr. April Glenn, a licensed mental health counselor here at UWF, explains why negative body image is an increasingly huge issue in the world today.

“A lot of it comes from comparisons when we look at social media,” Glenn said. “People are altering their images through different apps, people have unrealistic expectations of how they should look.”  

College students today are coming together to combat body shaming and every helping hand is making a difference.

“We’re promoting self-care and focusing on students’ strengths,” Glenn said. “Counseling and Psychological Services on campus offers free confidential counseling that can help students struggling with body image.”

Eating disorders, depression, anxiety, body image negativity and gender equality are topics of conversation that everyone on campus is entitled to speak freely about.

“We have organizations that on-campus students can get involved in like Active Minds which helps reduce the stigma of mental health as well as wellness and health services that are available to students,” Glenn said.

Resources are put in place for the benefit of every student here at UWF. It is never too late for self-care. 

Terra Collier, a sophomore at majoring in communications, expresses her thoughts on body shaming while being a college student in today’s time.

“I feel like there is a stigma about how you are supposed to look,” Collier said. “Our human nature makes us want to be praised and accepted by society, which is understandable, however, it’s not okay when girls are wishing away parts of their body that’s supposed to be there and 100% okay to be there.”

Self-care is a concept that is pushed to the side with the hustle and bustle of college life. The generation we are living in has standards of what is “perfect,” all of which is impossible to obtain. Embrace your individuality and give yourself positive affirmations, there is only one of you. Counseling and Psychological Services are always available on campus and can be reached at 850-474-2420.