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by Jay O’Bryan, Staff Writer

PENSACOLA, Fla. –  After some debate, Pensacola Habitat for Humanity has decided to postpone their upcoming Food Truck Festival.

“We went back and forth for several days trying to determine what the right call would be,” Crystal Scott, Director of Resource Development said. “Ultimately, we decided to postpone as soon as the first round of large events were suggested to postpone.”

As dates around October are being explored, one cause of concern about the festival being postponed is the cost issue for the food truck vendors.  Scott believes that will not be a problem.

“I do not believe it will be an issue for our vendors,” she said. “Thus far only one vendor has requested a refund. All other trucks are comfortable knowing that the show will go on at a later date.”

Pensacola Habitat relies heavily on donations from events like the Food Truck Festival.  Scott believes that postponing this event will not hurt donations that much.

“All involved, sponsors, vendors, volunteers and our committee have been super supportive,” Scott said. “The community and avid festival goers continue to show support and excitement for the festival.”

Postponing the festival is not the only change the Pensacola chapter of Habitat for Humanity is going through: they have shut down construction sites to all volunteers.  They are also asking homeowners and homebuyers to make their mortgage or program payments by using the drop box instead of coming inside the office to pay.

“I think everyone appreciates us being cautious and attempting to assist with the obvious public health issue that is affecting our world,” Scott said. “Volunteers will be eager to get back to work as soon as things are back to normal. Our home buyers know that we have their best interest in mind when we make any decisions at our affiliate.  We have amazing relationships with all of the people whose mortgages we service. All have appreciated our transparency in these uncertain times.”

Faith Build, another event that was scheduled for May 12-16 has been canceled.

If you have any other questions or concerns call Pensacola Habitat for Humanity at 850-434-5456.