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buy finpecia online Johnny Drama, better known as Drama Relax, knew as a young teenager he wanted to have a career in music. While Drama and a childhood friend spent their days freestyling to beats by Lil Wayne, it was a high school recording studio that lifted a platform for his career.

identify generic levitra Drama performed as a part of SoMo’s “The Phases Tour” alongside SoMo and Michael Constantino at Vinyl Music Hall on Friday. Collectively they filled The Vinyl with slick R&B, soulful hip-hop and upbeat pop tunes.

mh drugs kd 19 viagra vs cialis Originally from Long Island, Drama is currently making a full circle trip throughout the US with The Phases Tour. Stops expand from New York City, Seattle, San Diego and many cities in between. The last stop of the tour is May 11 in Dallas, Texas. Drama recently signed to Interscope Records through EVP Joie Manda, notable for artists such as No Doubt, Lana Del Rey, Lady GaGa, U2, Madonna and many more.

prednisone 2.5mg Through beat production, harmonized variety and authentic lyrics, Drama brings an interesting angle to the mix. He approaches the creation of music as a quest to create authentic music versus an obligation.

order propecia pills “I kind of make up everything as I go,” Drama said. “I usually just have a beat that I like, put the headphones on, and just kind of figure out the structure and figure out a solid chorus. I don’t spend too much time on the composition side of things. It usually just comes pretty natural. It’s more about finding the right melody, and how I want to place certain words, you know? I do everything out of my room so it’s pretty relaxing.”

source Drama’s most recent release, “Your Love,” is a collaboration between Tory Lanez and Lil Tjay. Drama attributes “the good vibe” he shared with Lanez when meeting in Miami as a puzzle piece in creating the song.

buy lasix no prescription A fresh released acoustic version of “Private,” one of Drama’s most popular hits, highlights the balanced voice that accompanies his gift of creating beats and lyrics. He ironically wanted to keep the context of the song “low-key” much like the relationship the lyrics refer to.

cheap canadian viagra online Other notable songs worth checking out, “Drama,” “Splashin’,” “The Crew,” HennyTrak’s “Slide In” and Yung Ban’s “Free” accentuate Drama’s ability to solemnly capture a smooth rhythm and heart pounding melody. Currently, Drama’s main goal is to release a “solid” album alongside providing a variety of content for his fans. 

viagra drug contraindications database “I think it’ll only get bigger as far as the collaborating side goes,” Drama said. “A wide variety of really diverse music, and good visuals and just a refreshing sound. Something that’s new right now.”

Drama’s innocent beginning of enjoying music by Lil Wayne and following the footsteps of friends proves ordinary steps can transpire to huge career leaps. 

“I had some friends that made music and brought me along,” Drama said. “Once I started hanging out in the studio, I felt like it was something that I wanted to try out and it gave me inspiration to make something happen.”

While his visit to Pensacola has been filled with rain, Drama approaches every experience on tour with enthusiasm, noting that he “enjoys living in the moment.”

Traveling the road, Drama misses his family the most. He notes the differentiation in the stability of life while on tour but appreciates being surrounded by his friends along the way.

 “Every day is a new experience and I get to do it with people that I care about. I am very blessed to be in this situation.”

This positive outlook on life, mixed with curiosity and gratitude, showcases the quality Drama admires most in fellow artists such as his “biggest inspiration” Drake.

“I’m inspired by people that carry themselves the right way,” Drama said. “That’s what I look for in an artist more so than anything else.”

The value Drama places on his character and individuality is synced with his music and will probably be the catapult for his career.

For more information on Drama’s tour dates and music, check out his website at:

As well as his featured pages on SoundCloud, Instagram and Facebook.