Leading Stories

by Hannah Guice, Staff Writer

This Saturday, SWAN (Support Women Artists Now) Day will take place for the first time in Pensacola at Live! Juice Bar from 1-11 p.m.

An expansive variety of art, such as painting, poetry, singing and even salsa dancing lessons, will all be on display and presented by women artists.

In honor of March being Women’s History Month, SWAN Day allows Pensacola to celebrate the local women that define creativity throughout the area. The event strategically grants the opportunity for local women to showcase their work, free of charge.

SWAN Day also allows the public to celebrate milestones concerning the bias treatment and unequal opportunities shown towards women, especially in art.

Tickets for the event are $10 and can be purchased the day of at Live! Juice Bar or online.

Victoria Grace O’Dell is Pensacola’s SWAN Day event coordinator. With the help of event director Christine Kellogg, both women have brought SWAN Day to Pensacola with support provided by PenArts and Live! Juice Bar.

“I hope this event will influence the community to support local artists more,” O’Dell said. “I love that it’s a celebration of female artists, which is so important and a wonderful way to end Women’s History Month. Our main goal is to raise awareness about our local artists and get our community more involved in it.”

Martha Richards of WomenArts and Jan Lisa Hunter of FF2 Media co-founded the organization in 2008. SWAN Day has hosted 1,900 events throughout 36 different countries in the past 11 years, according to StateraArts.org. This year StateraArts presents the 12th annual Swan Day.

Proceeds will support the event and the organization. Ticketholders will be given pink wristbands and are welcome to leave the event and come back throughout the day as they please.

The following artists will make appearances: Morokeen; Dominique and Maria Baroco; IMPROVable Cause; PenArts Inc.; Shelby Tudor; Arrant Knavery Inc.; Dani Barrie,Emily Bishop; Victoria Grace; Lena Sakalla; Gracie Wallace; Tris Weeks; Kayla May; and Kerry Sandell.

Rachel Anderson, a UWF student, is looking forward to attending the event with her friends.

“I think it’s cool to have an event like this in Pensacola,” Anderson said. “It’s a great chance to bring the city together to celebrate the women artists that make this town unique. I think it will provide a spotlight on talent that might often be overlooked.”

Pensacola can support each woman, whether she have a pen, a paintbrush or voice. SWAN Day provides a platform for women to be heard and for their art to be appreciated.

For more information, check out Pensacola’s SWAN Day event page on Facebook. There you can also find details and highlights on artists leading up to the event.