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buy pfizer viagra in canada buy lasix online “What Men Want” debuted in theaters on Feb. 8 and has managed to bring in $60.1 million in the box office.


buy proscar online Overall the movie was standard comedy with its highs, lows and ultimately a fairytale ending. Actress Taraji P. Hinson has the leading role and plays Ali, a sports agent at a predominantly male agency who can’t seem to get ahead of the men she consistently works harder than.

revlimid similar drugs to viagra After a friend’s bachelorette party and visit with a psychic, Ali drinks magic tea that allows her to read the minds of men everywhere. In the beginning, Ali uses this to her advantage, but as expected, the happiness came to a halt once a business deal went awry and the secrets Ali had been keeping started to come out. Ultimately Ali loses everything – her friends, boyfriend, client and assistant – all within a matter of hours. Like every comedy with romance, Ali eventually came back to reality and lost her ability to read men’s minds and regained everything she had lost and more. Overall, I thought the movie was funny, and a fun idea. It didn’t, however, leave me wanting more, and was too predictable. The reality is that the concept of the movie was well thought-out and was the source of a few good laughs, but it didn’t make me want to keep watching, nor did it keep me on the edge of my seat. The movie didn’t bring any added excitement, and many of the most memorable parts were already spoiled in the previews. While there were good moments in between, it just wasn’t enough to keep me intrigued throughout. On Rotten Tomatoes “What Men Want” scored a 46 percent, with reviews stating that the movie was your typical romantic comedy with a few good surprises. “What Men Want” is the gender-flipped remake of “What Women Want.” Both movies emphasize common male and female stereotypes.

source “What Men Want” ultimately fell short of bringing a fresh idea to theaters and left viewers wanting more and still questioning what men really want.