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enter The UWF Student Government Association voted against an amendment to Part C of the Fourth Chapter of SGA’s statutes at Friday’s meeting. Proposed by Senator Hunter Lyons from the Hal Marcus College of Science, Part C of Chapter Four currently states that students were unable to be a candidate for more than one position at a time, regardless of if they were elected or appointed.

buy cialis online cheap Lyons presented changes that would allow students to run for two positions at a time, should they be able to get 100 signatures of endorsement for each role. Should the candidate be elected for both of the titles they are running for, he or she would choose which position they want, with the other going to the runner-up.

enter site Lyons brought this amendment to the Senate with hopes that it would help with retention of elected students, promote more competition and give the student body an increased number of choices when voting for each position.

buy prednisone The amendment was not passed, receiving more votes against than for the change. However, the number of votes for each side was not disclosed during the meeting.

click here Budget & Allocation chair Jordan Negron pointed out that with the start of the year, also brought the beginning of the budget season, which runs from Friday through the last week of January.

compare prices prednisone Prior to the Senate meeting, the Budget & Allocations Committee gathered the same day for presentations from students requesting money for their organizations, academic travel plans and research.

best price cialis from online drugstore “It is really helpful that those requesting are able to communicate with their peers when asking for money, because it shows that students can have a major impact,” Virginia Morrison, Budget and Allocations Committee member, said. “SGA’s ability to help provide students and organizations with funds gives students the opportunity to go places and do things they often wouldn’t be able to do on their own.”

accutane side effects after use Negron reported that SGA was looking to give approximately 64 student organizations financial assistance this season.

SGA is also granting students the opportunity to voice their opinions and needs on certain issues by facilitating the university’s first student town hall.

Each month, the Florida Student Association, an organization with representation from all public universities in Florida, advocates for items on its legislative agenda in Tallahassee at the “Rally in Tally.”

“What we are going to do at this Town Hall is present these ideas [from the legislative agenda] to the student body to get feedback,” Christopher King, Senator for the College of Business, said. “After this, we can take the feedback that the students provide to ‘Rally in Tally’ and advocate for our students at UWF and how they feel about these topics.”

The UWF Town Hall is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 30, at 6 p.m.

SGA holds senate meetings, open to all University students, every other Friday at 2:30 p.m.