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mg equivalent of prednisone to methylprednisolone During the beginning of October 2018, one of the most intense storms, Hurricane Michael, made its way through Panama City. Hundreds lost homes and were displaced. One Panama City local, Keenan Jordan, struggled to find a home with his husband until early November when they would settle in Pensacola. “We were really in a track of not knowing where to go,” Jordan said. “My sister lived in Texas, and we went to go stay with her for a minute. Then [my husband] got a job in Pensacola, so then we decided that is where we were going to go. We love it here.” Jordan and his husband lost everything during the hurricane and struggled to restart in a new location. Both were fortunate to relocate in Pensacola but emphasized that many in Panama City still have many obstacles surrounding everyday life.

follow link “People are still needing help,” Jordan said. “Just because you don’t hear it on the news people think that it is out of sight and out of mind. There are people still looking for places and still have tarps over their roofs or no electricity.”

source site Besides the hardships of relocating, Jordan finds that the hardest thing to regain is making new interpersonal relationships in an unfamiliar location. Jordan, in his free time, uses drag as a major outlet. However, having to move away from Panama City meant that he had to restart connections.

source url “I was doing drag in Panama City and really starting to gain some name then things happened,” Jordan said. “My favorite thing is when you make plans, God laughs. It’s been nice though. The people here have been nice.”

propecia online prescriptions Jordan, also known as Rebecca Ritz Decarlo in drag, was doing drag in Panama City since 2017. Before 2017, Jordan had over a ten-year hiatus of drag due to personal conflict. Originally, Decarlo came about in 1999, but Jordan put a pause on drag in 2002 when his family disagreed with his personal living choices.

enter “At one point I was doing drag, but my parents were not about it. I stopped doing it because I wanted to make them happy,” Jordan said. “When I got married to my husband, my dad pretty much said to me you’re dead to me. I was going, ‘why am I not doing something that I wanted to do for a long time because of somebody?’”

Now that Jordan has become comfortable in Pensacola, he has been competing in the Roundup Renegade Drag Amateur Night which was founded in August 2018. The amateur night allows new drag performers to express themselves through a helpful but also competitive environment to learn the essentials to drag.

“I know it’s a competition and everything, but I feel like regardless if I win or lose, it’s my outlet to do what I love to do,” Jordan said. “Drag is just an art form. That’s why I am an advocate for ‘do what you want to do’ because it is your life and nobody else is going to worry about you and your life.”

Jordan plans to remain in Pensacola for the moment. Though Panama City is his true home, he has made memories in Pensacola and is expressing himself without the judgment of others.

To see Jordan and others perform at the Roundup Renegade, the next show is Jan. 23rd at 10 p.m. and 12 a.m. at the Roundup. Those curious about performing in drag can contact the bar on their Facebook page for more details.