cialis brand see url by Mya Clark, Staff Writer The University of West Florida’s Health, Leisure and Sport facility offers students and faculty a variety of recreational and wellness services to help reach and maintain fitness goals. One of the many services offered is group fitness classes. With over 17 classes ranging from beginner to advanced levels throughout the entire semester, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in cycling, kickboxing, boot camp, yoga, water aerobics or anything else, you might want to try; there’s multiple ways to get active.

source link Group fitness also helps relieve some of the everyday stress of school and work for students and faculty.

is lasix dangerous “Being a nursing student, things can get really stressful, so participating in group fitness over the past year and a half has been a great stress reliever,” Bria Wagner, a participant in group fitness, said.

click here Hard work and dedication to group fitness does not go unnoticed, and recreation and wellness services offers an incentive program called Healthy Argo to encourage faculty and students to continue to say active.

go For students and faculty interested in joining the Healthy Argo incentive program, all you have to do is attend a group fitness class. As you attend more group fitness classes, you can redeem rewards for reaching different levels.

from online canadian pharmacy drugstore propecia tablets After attending 25 group fitness classes, you reach voyager status and receive a tumbler; 50 classes and you reach hero status and receive a t-shirt; and the final level of attending 75 classes is becoming a legend and participants receive a yoga mat. At each level participants receive a new reward, depending on the semester.

follow The Healthy Argo incentive program runs through each academic year and restarts each fall. For students and faculty who are committed to fitness and helping others, Recreation and Wellness Services offers more services to get involved and offers a group fitness and personal training class through the American Council on Exercise.

Senior Grace Doyle is a group fitness instructor and has been teaching group fitness classes for two years and now teaches three classes, including core cycle, express cycle and kickboxing.

“I became a group fitness instructor a couple of years ago through the ACE program on campus,” Doyle said. “I wanted to do it because I love fitness and my mom was a group fitness instructor, so I grew up around it and figured I’d try it out and I love it.”

Aside from reaching fitness goals and helping others reach theirs, becoming an ACE group fitness instructor also helps with personal development skills such as public speaking.

“Group fitness helped me with public speaking,” Doyle said. “Every class I got to speak in front of a group of people, so it’s really helped me with confidence in myself.”

Group fitness classes allow you to engage with others on their fitness journey as well as leave a lasting impact on your fitness teammates and instructors. The environment is a fun and safe place to work towards your goals and meet new people.

“My most memorable group fitness moment is when a woman came up to me after class and she was like, ‘I’ve lost 10 pounds because of you, and I’m trying to get in shape for my wedding so thank you so much,’” Doyle said.” “So, it’s just really cool; I’m helping people along their fitness journey without even realizing I’m helping them.”

Group fitness is a great way to get involved and have fun while working out. UWF group fitness instructors and monitors are knowledgeable and willing to help faculty and students be comfortable while working out, having fun and reaching goals.

For more information on group fitness and other services offered by Recreation and Wellness Services, click here to see a full list of classes and events.