order accutane By Matthew Daniels

comprar viagra y cialis generico Staff Writer On Wednesday, the University of West Florida hosted their Day of Declaration, which is meant for students who were undecided, curious to know more about, or just thinking about changing their majors. The auditorium at the school commons gathered advisors from all majors for students who were seeking guidance on all of the university’s majors.

go “It’s an opportunity for students who either undeclared or maybe have a major but aren’t confident about what they’re going to do with that major,” Timothy Moore, associate director of career education said. “Or if that’s the right major for them, to come and meet faculty and staff associated with each department”.

click Moore also said that it was critically vital for students to get help when it comes to getting help with their major. Most students who begin college are not certain with what to do or not fully aware of what is required of a specific major that he or she is interested in.

here “With the way the environment is with choosing your career and preparing for it has become much more competitive,” Moore said. “You have to have an idea pretty early on, especially with state laws requiring you to avoid getting extra credits”. With the laws set by the U.S. government, students often have to pay more for pursuing any other interests outside of their major.

go “Obviously people are going to change majors with interests in what they’re pursuing,” Moore said. “Which is why we encourage all students to attend, but the earlier the better because it’s going to help prepare you for a lot of majors which are time intensive”.

Moore also says that timing applied outside of the university as well. Managing your major applies to following through with your determined career opportunities like internships and more.