soft viagra canadian pharmacy here By Drew Drohan Staff Writer A treasurer possesses qualities that include an orderly and methodical way of thinking, an eye for detail and the ability to make decisions with confidence.

accutane side effects For UWF’s Student Government Association’s treasurer Hunter McCabe, he holds these attributes to keep the SGA budget prepared for the upcoming semesters while also keeping his fellow students in mind. McCabe, a junior and accounting major originally from Palm Beach, has seen his involvement with SGA as opening up himself to be a part of the UWF community. He found himself looking for a way to get involved shortly after arriving on campus as a freshman.

go site “I didn’t want to waste my time when I came up here, so I stated looking around campus for what things I could get involved with,” McCabe said. “I always had interest in SGA and the actual legislation they do at the university.”

order levitra pills on line Starting in SGA’s Freshman Committee, McCabe found mentorship under upperclassmen. It was here he gained confidence and the desire to pursue further into more roles in SGA.

where to get soft viagra Upon becoming a senator, treasurer became McCabe’s next role. His experience on the budget and allocations committee gave him experience in dealing with numbers within SGA.

proscar 5mg “My major is accounting and I’m a big numbers guy and I personally knew the treasurer, learning a lot from her,” McCabe said. “I liked the idea of being able to create my own budget and control the internal SGA budget.”

go site The SGA Treasurer holds many duties, including establishing the yearly budgeting beginning in the summer semester. The fall and spring budget for SGA was developed over the summer by McCabe.

source url The budget includes needed funds for traveling expenses, promotion and needed supplies for events. This budget is a part of the greater A&S Budget developed by UWF. The A&S Budget is initially debated in the SGA Senate before being approved by the SGA president and UWF’s president.

source McCabe’s role as treasurer acts as almost a sperate entity within SGA, with his role not allowing him to vote in the Senate but still a member of the SGA President’s Cabinet. Any SGA funds that are to be used need to be first approved by McCabe. The experience from SGA has been invaluable for his future career according to McCabe.

cialis fast delivery usa Looking back, McCabe believes the organizing has helped him greatly.

go to link “Honestly, it has helped immensely. It has helped me communicate what I want to see without any fear,” McCabe said. “Coming in from West Palm Beach I didn’t know anyone and the first thing I got involved with was SGA and that would lead me to going Sigma Alpha Epsilon and connections in both would get me a job in the Commons. I’ve seen myself develop in this organization year by year.”