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online canadian pharmacy generic viagra There is an emotional journey to the end of a relationship. Whether it is grief or happiness everyone has their own story that they can live vicariously through in this miniature playlist.

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“The Spot” – Your Smith

Your Smith, previously known as Caroline Smith, changed her performance name in 2018 and released an EP consisting of four songs. Smith decided to rebrand her look, however, her music is still roughly the same as it was under her other name.

“The Spot” is one of her singles off her EP “Bad Habits.” The style of the beat is soft with a mix of soul and pop backed by a keyboard, a guitar, drums, and Smith’s relaxing vocals. Here Smith sings about leaving behind the memories of a disappointing man in her life and heading to a spot where people go to forget everything and loosen up.

Instead of performing a ballad about heartbreak, Smith takes the approach of taking a trip to let the feelings out through a relaxing and good time with other people who may be going through the same feelings.


real cialis soft “Party For One” – Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen takes a similar approach to an ex with “Party For One.” The long awaited artist has been in high demand since her last album “Emotion Side B” debuted in 2016. Fans questioned when Jepsen would make a return to music, but they no longer have to wait with Jepsen’s release of “Party For One.”

With a consistent catchy hook on a pop dance track, Jepsen vocalizes the struggles of bouncing back from a bad one-sided relationship. Instead of wasting her time on someone who doesn’t love her anymore, Jepsen would rather dance by herself and love herself more.

No matter how hard it may be to move on, Jepsen encourages listeners to gain their rhythm again and get back on their beat. Fans can take her message literally or just dance away their feelings with this melodious tune.


no prescription soft viagra “thank u, next” – Ariana Grande

Switching to a more sorrowful tone is Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next.” Right after Grande released her album “Sweetener” she faced an end to a possible marriage with SNL comedian Pete Davidson. Some songs on Sweetener were influenced by Davidson, but now Grande wants to move on from him and her other exes with “thank u, next.”

Grande opens the song with an open discussion about her previous lovers, especially her late ex Mac Miller, adding what each ex has taught her. Rather than be broken from love, Grande expresses what she has learned about dating others and how she has become a better person for herself.

The track itself is slow and with the simple chorus, “thank you next,” listeners will have the song stuck in their head hours after they listen to it. What her audience can take from the song is even though some people may take you on an emotional rollercoaster, at the end you can still have something to learn from them. “Missing U” – Robyn

Following Grande with a heartfelt message is Robyn’s “Missing U.” After an eight year hiatus, Robyn releases her new album “Honey” featuring the track “Missing U.” With an 80’s style electronic beat, Robyn sings about the nostalgia of missing someone she previously had a relationship with.

Though people will move on and want to glorify that they have moved on, Robyn doesn’t hide the fact that there will always be an emptiness in her. There will be a spot for someone in her heart that will never be back in her life.


go here “Fitness” – Lizzo

Moving on after a breakup, Lizzo has produced many songs featuring empowerment to her listeners, especially to women. Her newest released song, “Fitness” is no exception from her general theme of tracks.

Many people move onto a new relationship too quick, but Lizzo is more concerned with working on her image and how she would like to view herself rather than trying to impress other people around her through “Fitness.”

The only hip hop song on this playlist, Lizzo has a modern take on the rhythm of the song while making references. However, instead of following with the trend of mumble rap, Lizzo focuses on lyrics and being on key. She samples Donna Summer’s “Bad Girl,” so listeners feel independent. They will toot toot and beep beep to this body positive hit.