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go here From Oct. 22nd through Nov. 3rd, early voting for the Florida general elections will be available on campus at UWF in building 90 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. All participants must be registered to vote and have a Florida driver’s license or voters card with them in order to receive a ballot. UWF students Anni Ochs and Liddi Hampton found it helpful that early voting was accessible to students in a convenient location for them.

generic propecia will lower the price “Students have other things going on, so I think having a longer time to vote for people our age and people on campus is a good way to get them involved in politics and what’s going on,” Ochs said. “It’s going to affect them later on.” Besides the convenience of voting, Ochs also specified the importance of voting especially as a millennial. “I think it gets your voice out,” Ochs said. “It’s the only way to be heard. It is important to decide what things are going to affect you.”

acquistare levitra online sicuro Venezia Some people are not interested in voting due to time constraints, but Hampton and Ochs disagree with those people who justify their reasonings.

“If it is already here then you don’t have an excuse to not vote,” Hampton said. “People were able to register [to vote] on facebook and at school, so there is reason for excuses.”

Hampton and Ochs agreed that change cannot be made unless people vote. Generally, the voter turnout for millennials is lower compared to older generations.

“If there are things you want [the government] to change then you have to do something about it,” Hampton said. “Whether you like what’s happening, or if you don’t like what is happening; it is still important that you are not passive and not just sitting by. Millennials are outnumbering the older generation, but we need to start letting people think about what we want.”

Not only will there be candidates on the voting ballots for titles like governor or attorney general of florida, but also a list of florida amendments for voters to vote yes or no to. Before voting, voters should research who and which amendments they are deciding on.

The last date to vote in the general elections is Nov. 6th.

To determine which amendments and candidates are on a voter’s ballot visit For more locations on early Florida voting in escambia visit