By Drew Drohan

Staff Writer

University of West Florida’s Student Government Association passed two resolutions and revealed potential textbook changes during its scheduled gathering in the Commons Auditorium on Friday.

18-19 Resolution III was passed unanimously after a second hearing. The bill will partner SGA with UWF to ensure the needs of students with disabilities are satisfied. Student accessibility around campus is a major factor of the bill.

18-19 Resolution IV was passed unanimously as well. The bill intends for UWF’s SGA to honor and acknowledge Filipino American History Month during the month of October.

In addition to passing the resolutions, three new senators were appointed.

Austin LeBeau, Devon Miller and Daniel Morales were unanimously voted in to the senate. All three were eager to start working with SGA and introducing their own ideas.

“With SGA, I can see myself excelling and working with great people here,” Morales said before being appointed. “There is a look of great things happening here and I want to be included in that.”

For LeBeau, he was confident in the work he will put in with SGA.

“I believe that it will be great work from anything that I put in that is associated with my name,” LeBeau said.

Guest speaker Alejandra Rodriguez, a representative from Florida Atlantic University, addressed the senate on introducing a new program supported by McGraw-Hill Education for purchasing textbooks.

The purposed program, called Inclusive Access, is a partnership between the university bookstore and McGraw-Hill. It will allow for students to access their textbooks digitally on the first day of classes through Canvas.

Students who perhaps need to wait for their tuition refunds will be able access their books before then, with costs being auto deducted from their tuition. It will also offer a discount for a textbook in physical form while also significantly lowering its overall price.

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  1. Hey! University Press (FAU) student government beat reporter, Sophie Siegel here. Alejandra Rodriguez is in class with me, small world! Great article.

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