By Bradley Sanders

Staff Writer

Pensacola is an growing city that is a desired vacation spot or a place to find your forever home. Nicole Stacey is one of the leading figures in our developing society and the growing continuation in the Pensacola area. As the director of marketing and communications at Visit Pensacola, Stacey is dedicated to bettering her community and showing others the beauty of our area.

Stacey is a native to the panhandle area being from Fort Walton. After high school, she made the decision to go to the University of West Florida. During her time as an Argonaut she was heavily involved in multiple extracurricular activities. Stacey was both involved with a student activities leadership program that is no longer as UWF, and a sorority member. She describes UWF as not being a huge traditional school where it is difficult to get involved with some many others.


Being heavily involved as a student at UWF, Stacey was able to see her work progress and make a difference on campus. Stacey enjoyed how she was able to connect and learn the art of networking during her time at UWF.


Stacey refers to her time at UWF and one of her professors, Rick Scott. Scott is the Department Chair and a lecturer in the Communications Department. Scott is a significant influence and mentor in her schooling and in her everyday life of work.


In spring of 2008, Stacey finished her undergraduate with a bachelor’s in communications and a minor in marketing. Immediately after finishing her undergrad she proceeded to grad school at UWF to further her education even more. In only a year and a half, Stacey had obtained her Master’s in Strategic Leadership and Communication.


“I do not recommend obtaining your masters as quick as I did,” said Stacey jokingly. “Take your time with it. While in college make connections but make them genuine.”


After finishing grad school in 2010, Stacey faced the problem of not finding a job in her profession, so she decided to make the decision to leave home. Stacey made her way to Houston as a marketing director for a property management company. That position then led up to her moving from four different cities in less than two years.


Her next career chapter started with the Pensacola Beach Chamber of Commerce as their Executive Director. The Pensacola Beach Chamber of Commerce is a leading voice for businesses of the local beach community. Their existence has been solely on the goals of strengthening, enhancing, and encouraging the affluence of existing business and the development of new ones.


After five years of being with the Pensacola Beach Chamber of Commerce, Stacey started a new chapter in her career. Just a few years and cities later she found herself as the new director of marketing and communication at Visit Pensacola. Rewind back to college days, Stacey had been an intern with Visit Pensacola. Visit Pensacola is destination management organization for Escambia County. Their coverage includes Pensacola, Pensacola Beach, and Perdido Key. They serve as the central responsibility for building tourism.


“I’m the memory maker,” Stacey said.


Stacey’s describes her position as being centered around the brand, message, and strategy, while creating experiences for tourists who visit our beautiful city.


Throughout the years, Stacey has developed and networked with several leaders like herself in the area through organizations like Florida Public Relations Association as their 2017 president, and then being a part of the Leadership of Pensacola class of 2015. Stacey is also a member of the UWF Alumni Board, where she loves doing her part in giving back to UWF.


Stacey is just as dedicated to bettering Pensacola when outside of the office. With her free time, she can be can be found volunteering with several different organizations, like Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Florida.