By Drew Drohan

dove acquistare levitra online Staff Writer

canadian viagra sales in drugstore The Write Out and Voter Registration event hosted by University of West Florida’s Student Government Association was held on Wednesday in the Commons. The event is part of the greater Civic Engagement Week hosted by SGA on campus. Civic Engagement Week is SGA’s mission to get college students registered to vote and emphasis the importance of voting in national and local elections. The event allowed students to meet their SGA representatives and voice their concerns. A whiteboard placed in the Commons hallway between the auditorium and Nautilus Market allowed students to write their suggestions for the SGA this semester.

follow Students should expect to see the whiteboard every week as “Write Out Wednesday” will become a weekly occurrence this fall. The theme for each event will change every week.

acquisto viagra svizzera SGA Vice President Zenani Johnson explained how the whiteboard method is convenient for students to have their thoughts and concerns heard on campus. “Each week Write Out Wednesday will revolve around a certain topic,” Johnson said. “Our first week has focused on civic issues and it’s a great way for any students who is passing through to make their voice heard.”

miglior sito per acquistare viagra generico 200 mg a Verona Volunteer workers were on hand to assist students in getting registered to vote, in preparation of the upcoming general election this November.

A focus was also placed on getting students involved in voting in local and state level elections. Volunteer Charlyle Parrish expressed how many young people don’t realize the importance of local politics.

“The governor that you’ll vote for in November has a big impact on your life,” Parrish said. “Your tuition and the campus of UWF can be effected by who is elected to office.”

Parrish also sees young voter engagement as a necessity for the future.

“The young people are our future and need to have their voices and opinions heard,” Parrish said. “They’ve followed us, not its time for them to express themselves and shape the present.”

A large turnout of attendees was welcomed by the volunteers

“It’s really heartening that young people are out here and excited to get involved,” Parrish said.

Voter registration will also be held on Thursday at CAB Comedy Night at 7 p.m.