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viagra generico 25 mg prezzo a Roma When intramural activities were first introduced to the university, participation was instant and successful. Men’s intramurals were directed by a man in the Physical Education program who received extra pay to run the program. Women’s intramurals were directed by a female professor who received no extra pay to run the program.

go to site When Director William Healey took over in 1972, participation was doubled as he ran the program with four student assistants. Now there are nine staff members, nine graduate assistants, and about 200 student employees per year. The Recreation and Wellness department takes pride in the students that help run the facility. Healey has studied research that shows the benefits that campus activities can have on students.

enter site “Recreation and Wellness is the largest student employer on campus,” Healey said. “Research shows that students that participate in campus activities are more likely to persist on to graduation and make better grades than the general student body.”

source The university hosted the 38th annual NIRSA National Flag Football Championships in January, and have hosted a tournament for the past 36 years. Flag football has always been the most popular sport for men, women, and co rec. teams. “We get big crowds,” said Chris Adams, graduate assistant of competitive sports. “Fraternities and sororities support flag football and a lot of them bring their own tables and broadcast the game.”

Many of the participants in intramurals that played varsity sports in high school did not want to join a college team but wished to stay active in athletics. Some students participate in as many sports as they can while abiding by the rules of eligibility.

“I have been involved in volleyball, ultimate frisbee, flag football, basketball, kickball, soccer, and sand volleyball.” senior Jarrett Clifton said.

Intramural sports teach students how to work as a team and become better leaders after graduating. The program accepts all students and ensures each member has a team and feels comfortable.

“The intramural community is very accepting and will help you find a team to play on and make friends,” Clifton said. “It’s where I met some of my closest friends and I will always be thankful for this great experience.”

Students that live on campus often choose an intramural rather than a collegiate sport because of how central the events are.

“If you live on campus, you’re not having to go anywhere off campus and you can walk to your game,” Adams said. “It’s a one-stop shop for everything you want to do.”

This semester the sports offered will be spikeball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, basketball, ultimate frisbee, indoor paintball, and flag football.

For any questions regarding intramural activities go online, visit the Competitive Sports office in building 72/282A, or e-mail