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follow site The Campus Activity Board’s first event of the semester “Battle of the DJ’s” was held in the University of West Florida’s Commons auditorium on Thursday night, and sparked the interest of several students, one head-banger at a time. Known for its success in the past three years, CAB decided not only to host the event again but to take things up a notch for its fourth-year return. This year’s battle included three highly skilled student DJs, who competed for the title of best DJ and a chance to have their trophy engraved in the CAB’s showcase, located in the Commons. Eric Kennedy, head of Thursday night’s event, teamed with various members of CAB to make this a night to remember. “Students seemed to have loved this event for the past three years,” Eric Kennedy, UWF’s Hospitality Chairman, said. “We try to provide students with what they want, while keeping the ideas fresh so that there’s something exciting each year, so we are expecting a great turnout.”

go site Students who attended the battle were greeted with smiling faces, fresh popcorn, drinks and more provided by CAB members, all while waiting to see who would reign as DJ of the 2018 school year.

levitra super active generic As the night went on, student judges not only realized how intense the competition would be but also the amount of work cut out for themselves, in order to decide who should take home the title.

follow url As the crowd cheered and danced to all of the latest hits from featuring artists, Cardi B, Drake and Migos, mixed with throwback jams from the early 2000’s, judges had to focus on more than just trying to remember the lyrics to T-Pains “Buy U a Drank”. The night had to end with just one winner and the decision was in their hands.

“This competition was enjoyable because all of the DJs had great skills,” Jay-ana Benavente, a UWF student judge, said. “At first it was hard for me to choose, however as time went on, I was able to make a final decision”.

After tallying up all possible points, judges submitted their results to hosts of the night, Zenani Johnson, UWF’s SGA Vice President and Eric Kennedy, who awarded recipient DJ Millz as the 2018 DJ of the year.

“I honestly had a great time tonight,” Tyrese Millionder, known as DJ Millz, said. “It didn’t take any preparation, I just try to have fun with it and follow my heart.”


DJ Millz was crowned the 2018 DJ of the Year [Photo by Andre Harrell II].
Following the successful night, CAB leaders seemed to be proud of the turn out and all of the hard work put into the event.

“Whenever we plan an event, we always hope for a great turnout,” Eric Kennedy, said. “This night exceeded our expectations and we couldn’t have done it without the participation of the students and phenomenal DJs.”

Although the battle of the DJ’s event has come to an end for the year, there is still more to come for CAB.

“Thursday nights are usually when we host our events,” Mckenna Hyman, the UWF’s Campus Activity Board President, said. “We have so much more planned ahead, so students should follow our social media pages for information and look for our table in the Commons”.

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