SGA Election Update: Runoff postponed; hearing to be held to decide candidates’ fate

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Staff writer In yet another turn of events, the SGA elections at the University of West Florida will not end on the date initially planned. The runoff election that was scheduled for Tuesday, April 10, will be postponed due to the decision of a hearing held by the SGA supreme court that will take place on Wednesday, April 11. The hearing will decide whether the runoff election will rule in favor of a Malone/Johnson or vote to abstain ticket, or an election between Malone/Johnson versus Megginson/Bohler. Candidate Abigail Megginson, who was out of the initial election after finishing third, appealed to the SGA supreme court after Leonie Dupuis’ campaign dropped out of the race. Megginson’s appeal was on the basis that having a ticket with just one candidate and the option to not vote was against election statutes and was unconstitutional. After this uphill battle to have her say in how the election should play out, Megginson received news that she will get her chance to be heard in the hearing on Wednesday.

“I was hoping the supreme court would come out with a clear-cut decision,” Megginson said. ”But I’m also a bit relieved to know I’ll have the chance to state my case and fight for students to have their voice heard in this runoff election.”

After being one of the final candidates, then be the last candidate standing and then to receive news of this hearing, Brandon Malone and his campaign team has no plans to change their agenda, and the presidential candidate says he plans to ride out what he calls a wild ride of a race.

“Our campaign is going its normal route regardless of the appeal,” Malone said. “Even though we were unopposed for the past few days, we still want people to go out and vote. As far as the supreme court’s decision goes, Zenani and I will be in attendance for this hearing and give our point of view on the situation.”

If the supreme court rules in favor of the Malone/Johnson and the option to abstain from voting, the runoff election will take place on Thursday, April 12. If the supreme court rules the other way and decides on a Johnson versus Megginson election, the runoff will take place on Tuesday, April 17.

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