By Jamel Jackson
Staff writer

According to Tubby Smith, the basketball coach at the University of Memphis, allowing transfers teachers players “how to quit;” however, that is not the case.

Sometimes people have the wrong perspective from the outside looking in. Transferring teaches athletes how to remove themselves from a particular situation and putting themselves into a better one for their future.

Nobody knows what the athlete goes through except the athletes themselves. A college athlete is responsible for their own decision making. If they decide to transfer, then maybe they made the right choice.

Quitting is giving up, not making a decision. Eliminating yourself from an unfit situation helps you develop character. The coaching staff can mislead and sell false dreams to a recruit to persuade them to commit.

Once a student-athlete gets on campus, everything that was once promised can go out the window if an athlete doesn’t meet expectations.

The NCAA rules are already set up to where it would discourage athletes from transferring to another school. If someone did want to transfer to another school, it may be because of coaches that made promises they didn’t keep, or because the coach gets the opportunity to leave at any moment for a better opportunity for their family.