Meet the Candidates: Malone/Johnson 2018

canada viagra go here By Morgan Givens
Staff writer

canadian drug stores viagra The spring semester, just as the season itself, can usher in many changes. The University of West Florida is no exception to these changes, and one of them is the elections for the Student Government Association. During the months of February through April, candidates running for office operate rigorous campaigns to win students’ votes.

here One of the most important elections is for the office of president for SGA. This year, there are three candidates running for president, all with their own plans and platforms that aim at improving UWF. One of those candidates for president is junior communications major Brandon Malone and his running mate Zenani Johnson.

source Malone’s campaign slogan is “Progress You Can Count On” and when he decided to run for SGA president, his sights were set on achieving progress for a constantly growing UWF campus.

follow site “I saw this as an opportunity to make a huge impact on the campus,” Malone said. “With my last year coming up, I want to listen to students needs and find solutions to any problems that we face.” During the early stages of their campaign, Malone and Johnson focused on listening to student’s needs and advice on how the university could improve. While compiling signatures to authorize his campaign, Malone had conversations with students to build his platform and help decide what policies to push if elected. “Instead of just getting the signatures, we sat down and asked student’s what problems they’ve had and came up with what issues to run our campaign on,” Malone said.

over the counter fertility drugs clomid Brandon Malone and Zenani Johnson

go to site The Malone/Johnson campaign focuses on six key issues, all voiced by UWF students. These issues include affordable living, sustainability, accessibility, health and safety, student involvement, and academics. All six of these platforms include proposed projects that would be implemented if Malone and Johnson were elected. These projects range from focusing on mental health to beautification initiatives to better parking for commuting students.

Malone, a Pensacola native, has made his presence and work ethic known on campus during his time at UWF before his presidential campaign. He is a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity and served as a senator for the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities in 2017.

Zenani Johnson, a psychology major from Tallahassee, is running alongside Malone for the office of SGA vice president. Johnson, who served as a senator for the CASSH office, also held a position on the Budget and Allocations committee. In her two years at UWF, she has an extensive knowledge on how the campus works on both an academic as well as social level, and she wishes to expand that by running for office.

“I saw running for office as a way to give a voice to students,” Johnson said. “I realized that if I became vice president it would give me more opportunities to make sure everyone’s voices are heard.”

Johnson emphasizes the campaign’s platforms by means of considering every student’s situation. From those who struggle financially, academically or physically, these issues are on Johnson’s radar.

“College is not always easy,” Johnson said. “I’ve met so many students that struggle in multiple ways and that’s why we’re wanting to implement our platform to help everyone’s individual needs and it’s also why those we have endorsed for our campaign is a diverse group of students that way nobody’s voice goes unheard.”

With their term only lasting a year, making a lasting impact is extremely important part of Malone and Johnson’s campaign. The candidates said many items on their agenda can be initiated within a year, but some can be accomplished after their term is up if they are able to set up the early planning and development.

“We can accomplish a lot within a year,” Malone said. “But I want to plant seeds around campus that can grow into something positive even after my time here. And that starts with building and maintaining relationships with everyone here.”

The full Malone/Johnson campaign platform and other information can be viewed on their website UWF students can cast their vote for SGA president online on Argo Pulse during April 2-4.