Meet the Candidates: Léonie/Rhea 2018

where to buy pfizer viagra super active online By Morgan Givens
Staff writer

go One of the most important times of the year at the University of West Florida has finally arrived. Student Government elections begin April 2, and students have the chance to vote for the new SGA president. This year, there are three candidates all with platforms aimed at improving UWF in multiple ways.

discount drug card for viagra One of those candidates is Léonie Dupuis and her running mate Rhea Azamar, running on the campaign “Your UWF.”

viagra drug contraindications for grapefruit Dupuis, who is from Kissimmee, Florida, is a biomedical science major with minors in theater and Spanish. Being fortunate enough to be enrolled at UWF with a scholarship, she gave back to the university with her time and involvement. Dupuis joined multiple clubs and organizations her freshman year then realized she wanted to play a more philanthropic role in her involvement. That is when she found She’s the First, which focused on women’s education in developing countries. Dupuis is also responsible for chartering Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc. which is the university’s first Latina-based sorority.

Buy Clomiphene 25mg With her additional time served in SGA throughout her three years on campus, she has made herself one of the most involved students at UWF.

“I felt like I owed the school my energy,” Dupuis said. “And it’s been very fun and very rewarding.”

Rhea Azamar, who is running for the office of SGA vice president alongside Dupuis, is a public relations major with a minor in sociology. The Niceville native was at first reluctant to be involved on campus, but she gradually found herself joining SGA and rising up in the ranks leading up to her junior year, which is where she now holds a senate seat.

It has been during this time being involved in SGA that Azamar has figured out what kind of career she would like to pursue after graduating.

“Just being thoroughly involved on campus with initiatives that are student involved gave me a better outlook on what I want to do with my life,” Azamar said. “Having worked with SGA student affairs and student life makes me really want to go into lobbying and advocacy.”

In the early stages of campaigning, Dupuis was searching for someone to run alongside her that had a lot of experience. After looking at involvement and minutes recorded, she said it was a no-brainer to choose Azamar.

The “Your UWF” platform focuses on three key points: Your Health, Your Safety and Your Experience.

Léonie Dupuisand Rhea Azamar


Some of the main areas of focus in Your Health are enhancing the Argo Pantry to be more sustainable, free feminine products, free flu shot clinics on campus as well as enhancing more health services to students.

“By the amount of emails we have all received, many of us do not want to deal with another flu epidemic,” Dupuis said.

Your Safety tackles issues that UWF and many other colleges face today. These include initiatives that will decrease the amount of drunk driving with a partnership with transport service Lyft that will be designed to give rides to those under the influence. Other points for the Your Safety platform include taking action on sexual assault, hazing and natural disaster preparedness, along with many other issues.

Your Experience, the final point on the candidate’s platform, relies heavily on diversity and inclusion as well as tradition. Being members of SGA, they wish to make communications with the organization and students more efficient. The plans of initiating ally training would also be set in motion if the team is elected. And finally, one of the main points, focusing on tradition, is adopting the cannon as a symbol for students.

“The university has the nautilus shell and the athletics have Argie to represent them,” Dupuis said. “We believe the cannon should represent students and something to rally around.”

With an extensive platform, the term only lasts a whole year and sometimes it can prove to be a challenge to achieve everything campaigned for. It is more important than ever to make a lasting impact. If Dupuis is elected, she wants to make sure she leaves behind a positive UWF.

This includes her initiatives, like the feminine products, building traditions, and transparency between students and SGA.

“I want to end the term with Léonie saying we really made connections and relationships that will last,” Azamar said.

Dupuis emphasizes that UWF has everything it needs to grow and become greater, it’s all a matter of utilizing resources correctly.

“I always say there not a lack of action but a lack of awareness,” Dupuis said., “And we want to help bridge that gap if we are elected.”

The full Léonie/Rhea campaign platform and other information can be viewed on their website UWF students can cast their vote for SGA president online on Argo Pulse during April 2-4.