Museums hailed as special spaces during lecture at Pensacola Museum of Art

source url By Drew Drohan Staff writer

vardenafil 20 mg cin vendita Pensacola area public school student-contributed artwork hung on the walls as the “Museums as Authentic Public Space” panel engaged in a thoughtful discussion on Thursday night at the Pensacola Museum of Art.

effects of prednisone 20 mg The lecture, a part of the University of West Florida’s Downtown Lecture Series, revolved around the importance of museums and their place in contemporary society. Three perspectives — from the curator, to the artist-curator, to the artist — provided commentary.   

source link Director of the Pensacola Museum of Art Director Amy Bowman-McElhone, acting as the curator, told the audience how important museums are in connecting to a community.

“Artists can engage past and present conflicts together in their works to provide commentary with striking accuracy,” Bowman-McElhone said. “These places can be socio-motivational spaces for discussion between curators and visitors.”

Museums as ‘Authentic’ Public Space panel. (Photo by Drew Drohan)

As a place of inspiration and urge, the museum was also a focal point from Bowman-McElhone, who reminisced on her early childhood memories in these places.

“It all started for me in elementary school, taking field trips to museums,” Bowman-McElhone said. “These experiences made me pursue the career I have today.”  

Director of The Art Gallery at UWF Nick Croghan gave his thoughts on how a museum is a space to influence minds. He also described how an artist’s original intention can differ from a viewer’s.

“For me, the museum is a machine space for perceiving,” Croghan said. “Exhibitions deal with multicultural issues that can blend the intentions of an object’s creator and those who view it.”

Art lecturer and artist John Markowitz said he sees the exhibition floor as a place of quiet thoughts, a space without distractions.

“I try to paint an image of silence before it’s gone in all my works,” Markowitz said.

The crowded second floor of the museum asked the panel questions following the lecture. These ranged from the role of museums in public education to the panelists own memories and experiences with museums.

“I spent entire summers as a child in museums,” Markowitz said. “It was a temple to me, a temple that I was fortunate to have access to.”