‘Love Your Heart’ event at Cordova Mall

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wolff-parkinson-white syndrome drug contraindications with viagra In honor American Heart Month, Baptist Heart and Vascular team installed a 21-foot long, 15-foot wide, 12-foot high inflated heart to bring awareness to the community about heart disease and preventable measures.

read and buy soft viagra uk “It’s incredible,” Kathy Smith, a visitor to the exhibit, said. “I have never seen anything like this before. Heart disease runs in my family and Baptist is doing a great job educating people about how to prevent heart disease. It is a big problem in America and I just think people don’t know anything about our hearts and that’s the reason it’s so common. ”

go to link Baptist set up a blood pressure station where people could check their blood pressure and offered tips to control blood pressure levels. The organizers also set up education tables where they had professionals talking about healthy diets and how to read nutrition labels.

go here “It is very informative,” Emily Johnson, another visitor, said. “I am glad my son and I came to the mall today to learn about heart disease and what foods are good to eat that help your heart. I feel that many people don’t take our own hearts into consideration with nutrition.”

Johnson learned at one station what the different phrases on food labels mean and how to properly meal prep food using healthy choices. Baptist even offers a meal prep pamphlet that gives recipes and prep and planning ideas.

“This is so helpful,” Johnson said. “I had no idea how to properly read a nutrition label until today. Some big changes are going to start happening after this.”

The Baptist Heart and Vascular team recommended boosting your intake on fruits and vegetables, cutting back on sodium and saturated fats, and exercising at least three times a week to help your mind and heart.

Those simple tips can reduce the chance of heart disease, lower stress, and increase a better sleep.  

Photos by Courtney Shaw


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