Local law firm hosts ‘Legal Graffiti’ to raise money for children’s hospital

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quanto costa viagra generico 25 mg online The Zarzaur Law firm partnered with the Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital Friday to host a “Legal Graffiti” event at downtown Pensacola’s monthly Gallery Night.

taking lasix and spironolactone together Hospital representatives and the Zarzaur Law team welcomed visitors to pay what they could in exchange for an opportunity to spray paint their designs onto a makeshift canvas.

http://buy-generic-clomid.com/clomid_warnings_precautions.html “He wanted to have an event that gave back to the community in a unique, fun way,” Marketing Manager Michelle Ortiz-Miguez said, referring to the law firm’s owner, Joe Zarzaur.

The graffiti area was laid out against the wall of the Zarzaur Law building on Ramona Street and was constructed using old billboard vinyl from various donors.

As a part of gallery night, the organizers were able to construct booths and activities in the middle of the street without worry of cars driving through.

Some of these booths provided information, accepted donations and handed out spray paint.

Another booth offered children the opportunity to be a “teddy bear doctor,” and a cornhole game provided entertainment to a mixed age group.

The four-hour event began at 5 p.m. and quickly attracted a crowd as families and other early attendees to Gallery Night happened across the attraction.

By 6 p.m., much of the canvas had something to say. The event continued until 9 p.m., by which time it was covered.

The event was sponsored by the law firm to benefit the construction of a new hospital, according to Susan Davis, CEO of the Sacred Heart Health Service.

The canvas had plenty to display within the first hour of the event. (Photo by Payne Ray)

“It’s on the campus of Sacred Heart, it’s called the Studer Family Children’s Hospital,” Davis said.

Sacred Heart Health Services announced the construction of the new children’s hospital in 2016, describing a four-story hospital building with expanded women’s services. Construction began that December and has been an ongoing process which the organization has documented on their website.

Zarzaur, who has hosted several Legal Graffiti events before this one, decided that the next cause he would like to raise awareness for would be the hospital’s construction.

According to Ortiz-Miguez, Zarzaur’s Legal Graffiti events are more than just a way to get quick donations from the public. The other goal of these events is to create a greater awareness and lasting support for the causes they are supporting.

Gallery Night provides what Ortiz-Miguez described as the perfect opportunity to make those kinds of impressions. They also ask that representatives of the organizations they are helping with Legal Graffiti show up to assist. In doing so, the community is meant to meet and speak to the very people asking for their help.

Zarzaur also promised to match the amount in donations received with his own contribution to the project.

The law firm aims to contribute back to the community using its Legal Graffiti events as well as its “Gavel Girlz and Gavel Guyz,” which are teams of triathletes who compete in local non-profit triathlons.

So far, Legal Graffiti has raised $100,000 in donations over the past six years and has supported dozens of non-profit and charity organizations.