viagra alternative drugs for flovent By Payne Ray Staff writer

viagra professional from online drugstore uk Student organizations gathered at in the University of West Florida’s Cannon Green Thursday for Blizzard Bash, the annual spring showing of the clubs on campus.

go to link Between the hours of 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., students could join the festivities, including music, fencing demonstrations and the largest showing of student involvement in the spring semester. “It’s a really great way to get people involved in different club activities,” Film Club member Annie Bosworth said. “By having them all in one place it makes it a lot easier to navigate.”

Students at the Marine Ecology Resource Society add more
students to their mailing list. (Photo by Payne Ray)

janumet similar drugs to viagra Blizzard Bash has served the UWF community for several years as the spring semester counterpart to Argopalooza. Its main goal is connecting the general student body to the on-campus organizations to help students find a way to get involved.

source The student organizations who participate change every year, but several of them repeat, such as the Campus Activity Board and the Peer Educators.

generic viagra us This year’s Blizzard Bash was scheduled in the middle of the day when students who live off campus are more likely to engage in on-campus events. Hundreds of students moved through the aisles of booths in the Cannon Green looking for new organizations to commit to by signing up for mailing lists.

Madyson Miller of the Marine Ecology Research Society noted the community interest in involvement opportunities.

“Many people have come by and signed up to get emails, and it’s really exciting to see the campus getting involved,” Miller said.

Vicky Weekley, a peer educator managing the booth for her organization, was also impressed by the draw the event had.

“Usually our numbers are, like, 25 in one day, and we’ve had 75 today,” Weekley said.

Fencing club president Nick Woelfel (left) and instructor Brad
Cramer (right) demonstrate fencing techniques. (Photo by Payne Ray)


The event hosted dozens of organizations and attracted students from around campus using loud, upbeat music and the promise of several organizations with items to give out.

To the side of the clamor, the Fencing Club practiced in public, demonstrating their technique and attracting an audience. Between two and four members clashed at once, behind their booth and atop the stairs in front of the cannon.

The Campus Activity Board provided several students, including Marine Biology major Jennifer Gibson, with succulents in a mini-event titled “Succulents for Success.”

In previous years, Blizzard Bash was hosted in the evening, alongside a basketball game in the field house. While it saw plenty of attendance, it also meant many students who might be interested in meeting with student organizations were working the game or even playing in it instead of participating with the community.

Student Involvement made the decision to detach Blizzard Bash from sports and gave those students an opportunity they haven’t had in years.

Abigail Megginson, the campus correspondent for Her Campus at UWF, noted the importance of Blizzard Bash’s location.

Abigail Megginson adjusts the display at the Her Campus booth.
(Photo by Payne Ray)

“Blizzard Bash puts us right in the middle of campus where all the students who might want to join can come and see what we’re really all about,” Megginson said.

Despite being postponed twice, Blizzard Bash did not appear slowed down at all and provided UWF with a strong showing of its diverse student organizations.