25th anniversary of murder of Susan Morris on UWF campus

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Special to The Voyager

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go site On January 11, 1993, which was a Monday, our daughter, Susan Morris, never made it home from her first night class of the new semester.  She was found on Wednesday, January 13th, brutally murdered and buried in the woods near the Nature Trail.  


cheap canadian viagra Her killer was a young parole violator from Indiana who needed to change cars.  He was on the run because he had sexually assaulted a girl in Panama City on New Year’s Eve.  He is on death row, having exhausted all appeals up to and including the U.S. Supreme Court.  To our knowledge, the Governor can sign a death warrant at his time of choosing.

free viagra Sue, majoring in Television Production, arrived on campus late morning.  In the afternoon she moved her car to another parking lot so as to be nearer the building where her night class was to be taught.  Unfortunately, the parking lot was basically deserted when she came out of her class.  She went to her car alone, instead of asking someone to accompany her.  

enter site Susan Morris was a TV Production major at UWF in 1993.

http://jenksgirlssoccer.com/?x=viagra-price-germany As a result of her murder, the “Just Two It” campaign was initiated and alarm boxes were placed at locations around campus. Students and friends initiated a scholarship in Sue’s memory, and we thank the Communications Department and the UWF Foundation for their work in awarding and managing it.

http://junkyardangel.net/?x=sale-viagra Unfortunately, recent events worldwide continue to remind us that there are, and always will be, evil people who seem to enjoy killing others. We urge the faculty and students to remember to be alert to your surroundings when on campus, especially at night.

enter We moved from the Pensacola area in 2012, now live in another state, and can’t easily go visit Sue’s Memorial Bench. We thank the faculty and students, especially her sorority and the fraternity that claims her as their little sister, for faithfully remembering Susan on these anniversaries, and other times of the year.

viagra recreational drug If you have time, go to the bench, sit a while and contemplate where you want to go in life. Then go on, study hard and be careful, but enjoy your time while at UWF and afterward.

http://travelwithkate.com/?x=free-viagra-samples That is what Sue would want you to do.