Veteran’s Day remembered as more than a day off

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Staff writer

cocaine and similar drugs to viagra The University of West Florida has canceled classes and some departments will close for the recognition of Veterans Day.  

watch Some UWF students feel the meaning of Veterans Day has been lost because of the day off that comes along with the holiday.  

enter “I feel like the civilians need to take a step back and try to put themselves in the shoes of the men and women who have deployed or the ones that signed the dotted line, or put themselves in the shoes of the family that had sleepless nights wondering if their son, daughter, or spouse would make it home,” Chris Bryant, physical therapy major and a former Army veteran, said.  “People nowadays don’t think like that, they just look at it as a day off and get happy but don’t realize the true meaning. They don’t realize what veterans went through to earn that recognition.”

free viagra next day delivery The observance of Veterans Day has caused many departments on campus to be closed in observance. (Photo by Jamir Sellers)

viagra like drugs over the counter People may feel as if the holiday has lost its meaning through the years, but there are many that believe that veterans still get the respect they deserve because of this holiday, which has been recognized by Americans since its initiation after World War I.

anthelmintic drugs over the counter uk viagra “Veterans Day is still an important holiday to most Americans.  While our fast-paced modern society can easily lose sight of what is important, I am glad the men and women who have defended our country still receive recognition for their service,” Basil Kuloba, computer science major, said.  “We enjoy the day off from school or work, but I believe the meaning of the day is still recognized as a time to reflect on the service of those who have served in our Armed Forces.”

viagra and other sex drugs UWF has joined with the city of Pensacola to observe Veterans Day on Saturday.  The Military and Veteran’s Resource Center is the focal point of UWF’s participation in the Veterans Day activities.  The center was able to get a special guest speaker, retired U.S. Navy Admiral Richard Buchanan, to speak at their Veterans Day Observance which occurred on Thursday.

buying discount female viagra “The center will have a float present at the Pensacola Veterans Day parade on Saturday at 7 a.m.,” Marc Churchwell, director of the Military and Veteran’s Resource Center, said. “It’s amazing because when I first arrived here at UWF, there was no Veteran’s Resource Center, and now we have been opened for six years and we receive about 70 vets a day and this week alone have had 10,000 visitors come.”

names of drugs like viagra Marc Churchwell has committed his time since retiring from the Navy to care for veterans that enter his resource center at UWF. (Photo by Jamir Sellers)


For six years the Military and Veteran’s Resource Center has employed veterans and given them the opportunity to further their education at UWF. (Photo by Jamir Sellers)

Churchwell served in the Navy for 28 years in Submarine Force. He will be receiving the George E. Bud Day Award, which is given annually to an individual who continues to display characteristics and traits of the effective leader, and unselfishly demonstrates a commitment to serving veterans and their country, this Saturday at the Veterans Day Parade at Veterans Memorial Park.


The center has committed to showing UWF vets and the community that they are committed to helping vets and giving them the respect they deserve for putting their lives on the line for America.