UWF presents strategic plan to Board of Governors

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Staff writer

source url The University of West Florida announced its strategic plan at the Florida Board of Governors meeting on Nov. 8, which sets forth the path of the university until 2025.

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=acquistare-viagra-generico-25-mg-pagamento-online-a-Napoli All public universities and colleges in Florida are governed by the Board of Governors, an elected group of university advocates who determine how state funds are allocated to each of the 12 institutions.

accutane side aging side effects The Board of Governors meeting for 2017 was held at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. (Photo by Rachel Witbracht)

http://buy-generic-clomid.com/ The meeting took place at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, where UWF President Martha Saunders presented the university’s plan for the next eight years.

The plans had to show how the various strategies and projected outcomes of the university’s strategic plans would and will further the Board of Governors 2025 strategic plan goals, according to the Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee and board member Ed Morton.

There were two templates adopted by the board: “The first focuses on teaching, research, and service in areas of excellence, productivity and strategic priorities. The second provides the university’s actual numeric or percentage goals for performance indicators,” Morton said.

President Saunders chose the second template, introducing data that shows where the university plans to improve.

The plan focuses on five objectives all encompassed under the goal of community and economic engagement: learner centered and focused, personnel investment and engagement, academic progress, scholarship and research, community and economic engagement, and infrastructure.

UWF’s strategic plan

“Our strategic plan builds upon a solid foundation of teaching, research and service that are the cornerstones of our university,” Saunders said. “The plan closely aligns with the board and will allow UWF to contribute to the success of the State University System over the coming years.”

The board uses what they call a metric system to assess and rate the 12 universities across the state. There are 10 metrics that are determined by the committee, and each school receives a score for each. The higher the school scores in each area, the higher the all over score becomes.

The Board of Governors meeting was held to deermine the strategic plans each public university and college in Florida will follow for the next eight years. (Photo by Rachel Witbracht)

“For the four-year graduation rate metric, UWF anticipates reaching 33 percent in 2020 and 50 percent in 2025,” Saunders said. “We are constantly strengthening and refining our approaches to improving in this area.”  

Saunders also mentioned their prospective goals for the number of degrees awarded without excess credit hour surcharges and the academic progress rate, which tracks the retention and GPA of first time in college freshman.

“We are laser-focused on this task,” Saunders said.