buy cheap viagra internet By Jamir Sellers
Staff Writer The University of West Florida, backed by the Center of Entrepreneurship, held an event called “Innovate like Da Vinci,” which was part of a series of lectures encouraging entrepreneurship that lasts from September to October.

comprare viagra generico 100 mg a Milano The event was held in “The Idea Space” on the first floor of the John C. Pace Library.  It included refreshments such as free pizza and soft drinks.

Advertising for the Innovative Minds of Da Vinci was a key component for the turnout. (Photo by Jamir Sellers)

source url Business Professor Bob Perkins was elected as the speaker for this first week of the lecture and presented the ways one could come up with creative ideas similar to those developed by Leonardo Da Vinci.

comprare viagra generico 200 mg a Firenze “Our goal for these lectures is to attract students from all parts of campus, not just business majors but every major, because everyone has an idea that can be used,” Perkins said. Perkins said nobody is perfect and even creators like Da Vinci made mistakes, and it is important to come up with original ideas and thoughts throughout one’s lifetime.

Dr. Robert Perkins being introduced before giving his lecture. (Photo by Jamir Sellers)

source url “I was really happy to see someone encourage other students to not be afraid to come up with ideas of their own, and give us some knowledge on how we can present those ideas to other people,” education major Tyler Hamlin said.

enter There will be more lectures held during the remainder of September and in early October about how to one can better himself/herself as a businessman.  Local entrepreneur Quint Studer will be one of the next speakers in the series.