Commons brings Argos together in Night Out event

source site By Morgan Givens
Staff Writer

enter Many University of West Florida students wrapped up the first week of the fall semester with food, games and more at the Argos Night Out event Friday night in the Commons.

go Argos Night Out, which is part of a welcoming event tradition that dates back to 2000, is an event where students gather to experience some of the extras UWF has to offer. Throughout the night, there were many chances to express yourself and try something new — the only thing needed was your Nautilus card.

source The event started at 5 p.m. on the steps of the University Commons for the Chalk on the Walk. With a stick of chalk, students displayed their creations on the concrete. Some drew artwork that involved their Greek organizations, while others paid tribute to characters from video games and popular memes.

follow site Another headlining event was the Cultural Explosion where Argos got to experience and get a taste of different cultures around the world and the opportunities of travelling abroad.

follow “We can give them a taste of what it’s like from other places,” said William Vittetoe, director of International Programs, “But we also say that you can actually go to these places and learn and receive college credit.” This segment of Argos Night Out was scheduled from 6-7:30 p.m. but the food was gone by 6:25.

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Livi Vives shared a new style for Open Mic Night. Instead of singing she expressed her thoughts based on personal experiences, which moved the audience. (Photo by Morgan Givens) After getting to try different foods from around the globe, many made their way to the Argo Galley for Game Fest. Tables were filled with board and card games, both classic and new, but the organizers did not forget about the gamers. Titles such as Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros. and Mortal Kombat X were some of the video game titles friends were challenging each other in.

click here “I haven’t had a game night in forever,” said Catelyn Charleston, a psychology major, “And it’s nice to enjoy a night out like this with my friends.”

Next on the agenda for Argos Night Out was Open Mic Night. This event, which took place in the Commons auditorium, gave many the chance to see some of the vocal talents many of their peers had to offer. Some sang while others shared personal stories about their lives other passions on the stage.

For the last event of the night, Argos gathered in the Great Hall in the Commons to learn and spread awareness of the risks of sexual assault in the dance party Rock Out the Red Zone.

“We are wanting students to be excited about coming to college,” said Mica Harrell, director of Wellness Services, “but also just be aware that sexual assault and students are at the highest risk to experience it in the beginning of the fall semester.”