Meet the new SGA President: Kishane Patel

real viagra jelly By Taylor Hall
Staff Writer

source url Out with the old and in with the new — newly elected Student Government Association President Kishane Patel, that is. On April 5, Patel was elected as the new SGA president for next school year, and he already has big plans. Patel has spent all of his college years in SGA, starting as the freshman committee chairman, to chief of staff to the president last year, and then as the vice president this year alongside President Jacob Hebert. He says the skills he has learned from his past positions have prepared him for his new job.

follow “Thankfully, based on the work I have done with past presidents, I will be able to transition into my new role already with the projects off of the ground,” Patel said. Campus security and dining options are two major issues Patel will be focusing on during his term.

go “When I came to this campus, all the complaints I heard about were about how they did not enjoy the dining options and how campus was so dark at night hours,” Patel said. “Hence, my focus began on those two major impacts.”

find best price canadian viagra buy online Patel seeks to add LED lighting across campus, police escort service expansion, improve police involvement and relations and emergency notification services. He said he hopes to make a difference on campus and make students feel safer.

Kishane Patel

canadian drug store viagra Kishane Patel, newly elected SGA president, hopes to improve campus security and dining options on campus, among other improvements. (Photo courtesy of Kishane Patel)

clomid fertility drugs buy Renovating the Galley is part of Patel’s platform as president as well. Adding new venues will give students different food options as well as retail enhancements. The student experience is a focus for Patel. By partnering with the Office of Equality, Diversity, and International Affairs, he said he hopes to form relationships and engage students through educational events.

Patel also seeks to bring the campus together promoting the 50th anniversary of UWF this fall, as well as improving the distribution of tickets for Argonaut football games.

“Students who have issues or concerns can do two things: They can choose to get involved — join our Student Senate and become a voting member of our organization — or they can reach out to anybody in SGA to voice their concerns,” Patel said. “Our role on campus is to hear what the students have to say and come up with creative solutions to these problems.”

Patel’s new position was welcomed by his staff and the university.

“I think we’ve all just been waiting for him to step up as a president,” Rhea Azamar, director of strategic marketing and public relations for SGA, said. “I think as an entire university, we are all very supportive of the plans he has. I’m personally very excited about this and I think that we are in really good hands.”

Yasmin Hernandez, SGA vice president-elect, said, “Kishane has such a passion for SGA and has been dreaming of this moment since he started college. Everything he has done has helped to prepare him for what I think will honestly make him one of the greatest student body presidents we’ve seen at UWF.”

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