source site By Shawna Moore
Staff Writer

viagra alternative drugs for synthroid Almost every Pensacolian has heard of the free, weekly concert series “Bands on the Beach” on Pensacola Beach on Tuesdays from April through October. I know many of my friends go on Tuesday nights and often try to get me to go as well, but for some reason I never could make it. But I went for the first time recently, and I am so glad I did. When I arrived, the sun was setting as the band was warming up. Fold-out beach chairs had already spread out from the seating area in front of the stage onto the white sand of our Emerald Coast beaches. As the stars appeared, the band began to play. The audience started dancing immediately as the music and the sea breeze seemed to take their troubles away. The band, Dr. Breeze, played covers from current pop hits to classics. There were kids running around playing games with one another, and the adults would sing and clap along with the music. When the band would play line-dancing songs, such as the Conga and the Electric Slide, almost half of the large audience would get up and jump in. The dance floor almost became too crowded; there were tons of smiling people, from all age groups, dancing and grooving to the music.

The band Dr. Breeze performing at Bands on the Beach. (Photo by Shawna Moore) Though the music was the night’s main attraction, I, like most college students, was carried away by the smell of the food. Many people were bringing over burgers purchased from The Stand — the small eatery next to the pavilion on Casino Beach — and also bringing adult beverages purchased from The Dock.

viagra drug review All and all, the evening was a good time. The beach was dark, so it was a comfortable place to dance like crazy and feel totally unjudged. The atmosphere was very relaxed and everybody seemed to be out just have cut loose and have a good time.

The band Dr. Breeze performing at Bands on the Beach. (Photo by Shawna Moore) The concerts begin at 7 every Tuesday evening and usually last until 9. The event takes place at the Gulfside Pavilion stage on Casino Beach and features local and regional artists.

order viagra us Don’t do as I did and miss your chance to go. The concerts will run until Oct. 31, but after you try it, you will be hooked and I bet you will plan to make several trips this summer… I know I plan to! The complete schedule can be found here. Go ahead, grab your beach chair and wear your dancin’ pants – these concerts are totally free.