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farmacia online viagra generico 25 mg a Genova The Palafox Market is a year-round farmers market that especially blooms in the springtime with fresh produce and people wanting to support local businesses and eat organically.


go to site The Palafox Market boasts more than 130 vendors selling everything from locally grown produce to handmade soaps and candles to art created by local artists — there is something for everyone. The market operates from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Saturday.

see Spring officially began last week, and people came out on Saturday to discover the  market’s new offerings.

Jay Dallas offers some passersby a free sample of his homemade chips and guacamole. Free samples are one of the best reasons to attend the Palafox Market. Photo by Allison Bew

go One of the vendors, Alligator Pear Co., makes neither alligators nor pears, but fresh guacamole and homemade tortilla chips. Jay Dallas used to own a food truck selling Mexican food items such as tortas and tacos but now primarily sells products at farmers markets in the area, including Palafox Market.

source link “I enjoy the interactions, of course,” Dallas said. “Also the money is not bad, and it’s fun to be your own boss. It’s nice not being stuck inside an office, or a kitchen in my case.”

comprare viagra generico 200 mg spedizione veloce One of the great things the market has to offer is fresh produce, and there are plenty of options. Because of the obesity epidemic in the United States, people have become more aware of what they are eating and are turning to farmers markets for their source of organic produce.

Coldwater Gardens has much to offer, including organic veggies, as well as a campground and a wedding space in nearby Milton.

Coldwater Gardens specializes in their salad mixes but will be offering all sorts of vegetables including carrots, beets, and many more in the upcoming warmer months. Photo by Allison Bew

Amanda Meyer has been working for Coldwater Gardens for more than a year and a half and works the booth at Palafox Market. “Our biggest thing we grow is our salad mix. It is our most popular item we grow,” Meyer said. “People come week after week to buy it.”

Another thing that brings people to the market in the earlier hours is a fresh cup of coffee from Keen’s Beans Organic Coffee. They have been a vendor for the Palafox Market practically since the beginning.

People crowd around Keen’s Beans to get a fresh cup of coffee, or a bag of coffee beans to make a great pot of coffee at home. Photo by Allison Bew

Joshua Reynolds is the operations manager at Keen’s Beans and recently stepped up to help the new owner who bought the company. “One thing we are thinking about is setting up chairs near our stand just like a coffee shop,” Reynolds said.

Fortunately for Pensacolians, the Palafox Market happens every single week on Saturdays, and there are always new items for sale. With summer just around the corner, people can expect fresh, seasonal produce from their favorite vendors.