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Let freedom ring: our First Amendment freedoms, specifically

follow site By Tom Moore
Staff Writer

As a responsible newsman, I take the protection of the Constitution and Bill of Rights seriously. There has been so much emphasis in the news lately on the Second Amendment – the right to bear …

UWF offers a chance to discuss the “un-discussable”

enter site By Taylor Hall
Staff Writer
Last Tuesday afternoon in the Commons, the dean of students held one of their department’s continuous events called “Discussing the Un-Discussable.” The meeting was open to students and staff and led by Lusharon Wiley, senior …

Musical Chairs, a new take on an old game

re viagra cialis levitra By Alicia Adams
Staff writer
The University of West Florida’s University Commons and Student Involvement coordinated a different kind of event last Wednesday, with the aim of accomplishing the exact thing they strive for – student involvement.…

President Saunders: The first month and beyond Kenny Detwyler
Contributing Writer
Washington, D.C., wasn’t the only place welcoming a new president this month. As of January 2017, Martha Saunders began her term as the sixth president of the University of West Florida. However, she’d like to think …

UWF receives generous gift from beloved professor By Shawna Moore
Staff Writer
On Jan. 20, UWF President Martha Saunders held her first official press conference since her start as president earlier this month . The conference was held to announce the Bill and Ellie Kimball Memorial Undergraduate …

Local artists design mural representing Pensacola history and culture

brand viagra how to get from online pharmacy Allison Bew
Staff Writer
Pensacola’s largest public piece of art in the form of a mural exhibiting Pensacola culture was dedicated on Wednesday.

Local artists Ashton Howard and Evan Levin painted the 3,000-square-foot mural, on the side of the Jefferson …


go to link Antonio Allende
Special to the Voyager

Hello Argos!

Before we begin, UWF SGA would like to welcome Dr. Saunders to the University of West Florida as our new University President! We look forward to the amazing contributions that Dr. Saunders …

Two UWF fraternities to go head-to-head for charity

go By Shawna Moore
Staff Writer
On Saturday, Jan. 28, UWF’s fraternities, Kappa Alpha Psi and Beta Beta Phi Chapter of The Phi Beta Sigma, will go head-to-head in efforts to help raise money for their local charity partners, The March …

UWF celebrates Lunar New Year in a brand new way

plavix drug contraindications with viagra By Elizabeth Gray
Staff Writer
Over the weekend, the University of West Florida put on the ninth year of the Lunar New Year Festival in a different way. For the first time, the festival was incorporated into downtown Pensacola’s Gallery …

CAB game night offers chance for students to relax, connect

see By William Watson
Staff Writer
On Thursday, Jan. 19, the Campus Activity Board hosted a free game night for UWF students. Along with life-sized Jenga, Connect Four and Cards Against Humanity, students were invited to attend a night full of …