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follow site The subjects on the screen are chosen carefully: an Eagle Scout, a cheerleader, a corporate account executive, the mother of an infant child. The subjects on screen are a veritable cross section of mundane America. We are soon made aware of the fact that all of them abused prescription painkillers. The sentiment is clear: Opiate abuse has reached the heart of America. Beware the alkaloid compound devil. William S. Burroughs, the pope of dope, has astrally projected onto the mindscape of our children. The end is nigh, etc.

Title sequence to “Chasing the Dragon,” produced by the FBI

source site “Chasing The Dragon,” produced at the request of FBI director James Comey, is exactly the kind of hyperbolic anti-drug statement that’s been making the rounds, with a variety of cosmetic changes, since the mid-20th century. This is a PSA, a distinctly artistically shot one, but a PSA nonetheless. The film features direct testimony from overdose survivors and members of the FBI and the Drug Enforcement Administration. The message is clear: We, as a society, need to pay attention to the growing specter of prescription opiate abuse.

Cialis Sicuro Online It’s so easy to balk at the film – at its sincerity, at its moral absolutism, at its clear intent. But that would be viciously cynical, and I don’t think that quite fits the millennial praxis. New “New Sincerity” is in. Genuine feelings are in. A desire for comfort is in. What kind of person would I be if I bristled at an anti-drug PSA? A post-structuralist? A practitioner of rhetorical image analysis? A jerk?

go here I wasn’t even swayed by the statistics cited in the film, the FBI and DEA research showing that about 46,000 people die from drug abuse annually in the U.S., more than the combined number of Americans killed in car accidents and because of gun violence. What does that mean to me? It’s 2016. We exist in a world in which any and all discourse is non-hierarchal. I can know anything or nothing, entirely at my leisure. What do statistics have to do with me?

viagra generico 100 mg miglior prezzo pagamento online a Firenze You know what did sway me, though? Do you know what did make me feel immense despair at the plight of opiate addicts? Cierra Vallejo. Overdosed at 22. The film follows her mother, bleary-eyed. We see baby pictures of her daughter – happy kid, round face. Dead at 22. Polaroids of the discarded needles in her bedroom. 22. Too young.

follow site Message received. Public service committed. No more pills for our youth. Football season is over. “Chasing the Dragon” did its job.