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female viagra drug video Staff Reporter The sudden and unexpected closing of Emerald City on Sept. 12 left many of the club’s visitors surprised and saddened.   Eighteen years after opening its doors, Emerald City shut down with little notice.

source url “It really sucks,” said Robert Smith, who moved to Pensacola five years ago from Tampa. He had been going to Emerald City for nearly a year and a half. “I really enjoyed relaxing with drinks on the back patio after work,” Smith said.

The LGBTQ night club Emerald City was a prominent nightclub in downtown Pensacola.
The LGBTQ night club Emerald City was a prominent nightclub in downtown Pensacola.

real viagra online Emerald City, formerly located at 406 E. Wright St., closed its doors as the result of a partnership dispute.  As a prominent LGBTQ nightclub in Pensacola, it had built a following among the gay and straight communities alike.

viagra overnight delivery “I loved it,”  Shawana Moore said. “Where else can you get all you can drink for just 10 bucks in this podunk town?”  Moore, a 22-year-old paralegal and part-time fitness instructor, said she enjoyed “Drink and Drown,” where she and her girlfriends enjoyed all-you-can-drink vodkas for only a $10 cover charge. “Great club, great atmosphere, I’m really going to miss it,” Moore said. Angela Gray commented on the EC Facebook page:  “There is no place like home. That place was my home for so long, and I am heartbroken it’s gone.”

see When asked about the circumstances of the closing, Robert Smith said, “A partnership dispute should be able to be resolved amicably by both parties. By just shutting the place down, you are not only denying residents a place to kick back and unwind, but you are also ensuring that nobody makes any money.” Tina Childes had a different take on the closing.  “I think it was an act of God,” the 34-year-old waitress said of the closing.  “It is time we clean up this city and make it a place where respectable, God-fearing Christians can live. I believe the closing of that den of iniquity is a good first step toward that.”

Either way, Pensacola has lost another hangout.