New and established campus clubs abound, but must be renewed each fall

By Mackenzie Kees

Opinions Editor


Instructions on starting a new club on campus can be found on the UWF Student Organizations page.

As the spring semester draws to a close, the deadline for renewing student organizations for the fall semester of 2016 draws nearer.

Registered student organizations, or RSOs, are the clubs that do not fall under one of these categories: Departmental Student Organizations, Sports Clubs and Recognized Fraternities and Sororities. RSOs are organized by one or two students who believe starting a new organization is necessary, usually because there is not a club of the same type already in existence. These students simply recognize a need and strive to fill it.

Stacey Lee Field, a UWF junior majoring in psychology, is a Student Involvement Navigator and founder of a new club, Eating Disorders Anonymous. In regard to registering a new club, Field said new organizations can register any time. “They just need to fill out a request on ArgoPulse, then have a consultation meeting with the Assistant Director of University Commons and Student Involvement, Tara Kermiet, and then go through the final step…which is to meet with the Campus Collaboration Board.”

However, the last Campus Collaboration Board meeting for this semester was held on April 22, which means any new organization hopefuls must wait until the fall semester to register a new club.

For clubs that are already active, the renewal process is a bit different. Using ArgoPulse, an organization officer can renew his or her club by selecting the “Update Now” button at the top of his organization’s portal. In order to remain active in the fall semester, this process must be completed before the Sept. 2 deadline of 5 p.m.

Several new organizations have been formed in recent months and should be fully operational in the fall. Some of the more recently formed organizations students can expect to see in the fall include a Creative Writing club, a Brunch and Cinema club, UWF College Democrats club, and the Society for Collegiate Leadership and Achievement. More information on each can be found on ArgoPulse.

Eating Disorders Anonymous, or EDA, is a 12-step support group, Field said, for “any students who are looking to recover or have recovered from an eating disorder.” The fledging club has not set a meeting schedule yet, but interested students should expect to meet at least once a week. “I feel that it is filling a need on our campus that has never been met before,” Field said. “Eating disorders are on the rise on campuses nationwide.”

Another relatively new organization, the Creative Writing Club, “is an author-focused group that offers a space for writers of all kinds of craft to gather and share their work,” according to Lexus Deen, the group’s co-president. “We write from a variety of prompts brainstormed by our members…We encourage discussion about not only our own writing, but that of other authors who provide inspiration for us.”

Students are encouraged to check their ArgoPulse portal frequently to keep up to date with new student organizations. For students interested in forming a new club, check out the video on UWF’s student organizations page to find out everything one needs to know about registering a new club.


Eating Disorders Anonymous is a group dedicated to helping students support one another through their shared struggle from eating disorders.
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