UWF Relay for Life sprints toward a brighter future

http://seekoffshore.com/?x=find-viagra-no-prescription-required By Kenny Detwyler
Contributing Writer

http://consistentcare.org/?x=real-viagra-online relayUWF’s 2016 Relay for Life hit the ground running long before anyone stepped foot onto a track.

cheap canadian viagra This year’s Relay is different from years past, as event organizers have taken Relay for Life into uncharted …


Graffiti Bridge: Pensacola’s voice for the people

go By Mackenzie Kees
Opinions Editor

go to link The purpose of a landmark is essentially straightforward: to mark the land. This is done for several reasons, but mainly landmarks are used as navigational points. However, in this modern age, landmarks have become more …


This puppy is welcome on campus

By Kelsi Gately
Staff Writer

Guide dogs have a big responsibility, helping their owners get from place to place and accomplish daily tasks. But before guide dogs go through formal training, they live with puppy raisers who help socialize them …


Kevin Hurley entertains, amazes and hypnotizes UWF students

By Sara Agans
Staff Writer

On Thursday night, March 24, hypnotist/magician Kevin Hurley performed in the Commons, and, among other things, made a UWF student honestly believe that the number six did not exist at all.

Hurley, star of “The …


UWF baseball shaves heads to save lives

By Grier Wellborn

will generic viagra make me feel different Sports Editor

Teammates who work together on the field are strong. Teammates who work together off the field are stronger.

The University of West Florida baseball team shaved their heads Friday, March 18, at Jim Spooner Field …


15th Annual Women’s Studies Conference encourages change

By Kaitlin Lott

canadian viagra Staff Writer

As doors opened for the Mary F. Rodgers Luncheon and Award Presentation Ceremony during the 15th Annual Women’s Studies Conference, students, alumni and presenters engaged in talk of feminist issues, change and campus awareness.…


Bowling for Food to raise awareness and donations for homeless students

By Tom Moore
Contributing Writer

social justice

In Escambia and Santa Rosa counties, more than 1,000 people were documented as homeless in 2015, according to the EscaRosa Coalition on the Homeless.

But what people might not realize is that a large …


UWF baseball defeats Spring Hill with walk off in the 10th

By Grier Wellborn
go Sports Editor

The University of West Florida baseball team took on the Spring Hill College Badgers Wednesday night for the second time this season.

The Argos and the Badgers last met on Feb. 24 when the Argos …


The nitty-gritty: Who thinks what and everything else you need to know before the Florida primaries

By Mackenzie Kees
click here Opinions Editor

The 2016 race for the presidency is well under way in the United States, and so far it has been wrought with mudslinging, half-truths and outright lies, and even has devolved further into thinly-veiled allegations …


UWF’s calendar is jam-packed after spring break

By Sydney O’Gwynn
http://mustadam.co/?x=viagra-free-pills Staff Writer

Spring break gives students plenty of things to do — travel, visit Florida’s famous beaches or even catch up on a good book — but there are also plenty of events that will be happening …